Keystone Kops win a lawsuit: Dunbar to play Bishop Fenwick

thumbnail of Dunbar decision

Complete judges decision as a pdf – click to download

The judge, Michael Krumholtz, spent a ton of time reviewing video, that DPS wouldn’t make public.
In the end, he said this:

The fate of the Dunbar Varsity Boys’ Basketball team in this year’s OHSAA state tournament should be decided on the court and not in the courthouse.
Accordingly, the Court hereby GRANTS Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction.
The Ohio High School Athletic Association (“OHSAA”) is enjoined and precluded from enforcing its February 28, 2018 Decision, which held that the Dunbar High School Boys’ Varsity Basketball team had forfeited its participation in the ongoing OHSAA state basketball tournament. Further, the Dunbar High School Boys’ Varsity Bas ketball team is entitled to participate, and shall be permitted to participate, in the 2018 OHSAA state boys’ basketball tournament beginning with tomorrow’s game against Bishop Fenwick.
However, the reality is, this kind of screw up is going to continue at DPS as long as Mark Baker is the Athletic Director.
The lack of discipline and penalties for Dunbar athletics still needs to be dealt with.
Chuck Taylor has proven to be unable to manage a program, and has exhibited conduct that is unacceptable as a coach.
If anyone looks at how many teachers have been fired for calling parents a bitch- it’s a wonder he still has a job.
The school athletic director also seems grossly incompetent, unable to respond in a timely manner.
At some point, DPS will have to clean up its act.
The question is when?


10:24 pm I though I should include the original filing by the district. The cost of this action, and number of hours the district is paying Brian Wildermuth far exceeds the $2500 fine. Where was the legal action when kids all over the city were impacted by the Belmont/Dunbar fiasco when the OHSAA decided to force students to play sports at the closest High School to their home?

thumbnail of Wildmuth filing for DPS

The DPS filing- click to download PDF

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