Jennifer Brunner- another hero for the people

The people who no longer work at the GM Truck plant in Dayton can’t afford to fund a $25 million dollar campaign for a job that pays around $180K a year with a sweet health care plan and a great retirement program- nope, they are trying to keep their homes.

The people that ran their jobs into the ground- they can afford to pay for political campaigns- and that’s why when their business was in trouble, the Federal government had no problem bailing out their buddies.

Frankly, we’ve become a country that’s split- and it’s not in half, it’s not D vs R, it’s not even smart vs dumb- it’s the über wealthy vs the rest of us. Those who can afford to buy their politicians and the rest of us who are rarely given a choice on who even runs.

That’s why what Jennifer Brunner is attempting merits her hero status- right there with Seth Morgan– because if people won’t buck the system to give us a choice- all we’ll get is what the system thinks is good for it. Career politicians who do as they’re told- to keep the campaign funds flowing.

Read what Jennifer Brunner is up against:

Maybe, but what Brunner’s trying to pull off has little precedent in the United States or in Ohio, where the U.S. Senate candidates in 2006 spent nearly $25 million….

Brunner said that since Strickland announced his support for Fisher, “many people who deal with state government are hesitant to show their support for me” by writing her campaign a check.

via Brunner relies on grass-roots efforts to offset cash disadvantage in Senate race.

If you think about it- the modern US Political campaign is impossible for anyone but already elected people- or the wealthy, since most of us can’t take 3,6 or 12 months off to campaign- and raise money- without having to work a day job.

The working class can never elect a representative in a system that’s catering to the people who can afford $4,800 donations- not to those who are struggling to make a house payment, pay for health insurance, or deal with credit card companies that have jacked their rates, cut their lines of credit- and changed the payment dates more often than the weather changes in Dayton.

Very rarely is the best funded candidate the best candidate anymore. In fact, I’ll almost always choose the candidate with less money over the one who has it by the boatload.

They’re the ones who sold us out. Send a message- vote against big campaign chests in the next election, it may be our only hope to reform the system- and people like Jennifer Brunner, who refuse to bow to the odds.

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