It’s time for Dayton to focus on counting blessings

Business Week has an interesting story on positive psychology.

Dayton could use a strong dose of it right now. For all that we have wrong, we have so many things right. Foremost in my mind is the sincere friendliness that you feel on the streets- people will look you in the eye and say hello in passing, smiles are abundant, even in tough times.

While we seem to dwell on things that we used to be, or could be, the reality is- our right now is pretty good: we have water, our housing values didn’t do wild swings, we don’t have earthquakes or hurricanes and we have a cost of living that is one of the lowest in the country- while still having arts and culture.

The BW article is long- but the key principles are summed up here:

a central tenet of positive psychology: capitalize on your fundamental character strengths, especially when things get bleak…

Coaches specializing in positive psychology are selling entrepreneurs a twofold promise. One is that optimism and cheerfulness have a measurable effect on the bottom line. The other is that happiness is a muscle you can strengthen.

via How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business – BusinessWeek.

After the presidential campaign, it should have become clear that a positive message trumps negativity. Last night’s Presidential address to Congress was upbeat and positive in the face of doom and gloom.

Unfortunately, our leaders continue to keep having meetings to solve our many problems, instead of focusing on our strengths. It’s time to look on how to start focusing on doing what we’re already doing- better, and pushing people to do what they do with a new veracity and renewed energy.

The old “It’s great in Dayton” tagline needs to have the dust knocked off- because, no matter how bad we think it is here- it’s a lot worse somewhere else.

Do you agree?

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