It’s not just Dayton…

One of the great things about this web 2.0 interface is that you can learn as much from your readers as they learn from you.

Steven Cartwright pointed out this blog- by a Realtor in St. Louis- who is focusing in on issues that we are facing- but that St. Louis might be slightly ahead of us. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel- we just have to go research what others have done with it. There are some quotes on the sidebar about Urban Review STL- this sums it up:

Urban Review STL
“Steve Patterson’s Urban Review – St Louis is a more biting version of Larry Felton Johnson’s Atlanta blog about urban design. Patterson is angry at a lot he sees around him, and he’s particularly steamed about the demolition of revered old buildings. Urban Review – St. Louis is part of a collection of blogs called the STL Syndicate (including Blog St. Louis and Commonspace). What does it say about St. Louis that it is nurturing the best urblogs in the country? Perhaps simply that somebody cares in River City.”
– Civic Strategies, Inc.

Does Dayton have the beginnings of our syndicate- with Dayton Most Metro, The Gem City, Dayton Politics, Grassroots Dayton, and a few other web 2.0 sites (see our blogroll for links)?

Can we work together- in spite of our unenlightened leaders (Nan Whaley is the only politico I know of with a blog- and it’s been pretty dead for a long time)?

Can we move past the days of back-room polling, secret meetings, “unanimous fronts” to get the debate out in the open?

Opinions anyone? Are any of you lurkers ready to step forward and say something to the community (I’m getting tired of hearing “I read your site” from electeds- but never seeing them take a stand or find their voice online).

What do you think?

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Good idea but its VERY doubtful any or ‘elected’ leaders plan on standing for anything let alone getting with technology and using it to their advantage.

Maybe “tech town” will help promote it – even though its getting away from the center of the heart of town but what do you expect for our ‘natural born leaders’.


Maybe they can put in the new “mini marts” walmart is proposing – 1/10 the size of the mega super duper huge massive walmarts.
Anyhow, to salvage buildings that are far more expensive to repair than to tear down and rebuild really doens’t make sense – repairing, rebuliding, re-whatever in Dayton moves at a snails pace. Good luck with all of the dreams, but until real leadership sprouts from the ear hole of the Mad River – forgetaboutit. It really is time to start following the cash, collecting it, getting 12 weeks of VAY-CAY, and heading to ol’ mexico or some island and worry about Dayton down there – b/c the people in charge really dont care. Springboro, Centerville, Beavercreek – at least they TRY TO GO FORWARD – they have sucked the life out of Dayton along with all the polite and kind criminals and the well behaved iPod and cell phone using welfare fraud crowd that populates this Great City.