It’s candidates like Nan Whaley who cause “right-to-work” (for less) bills

When the Montgomery County Democratic Party chose to endorse Nan Whaley in the May 7 “primary/run-off” election, instead of endorsing both her and longtime Dem A.J. Wagner, they made a major mistake. Two candidates will advance after May 7- so, they could have endorsed two, but since they aren’t really there to elect Dems- just their inner circle, they alienated a lot of people, including some of the unions. A few of the union leaders said that they’d endorse her, but vote for him. He’s been around a lot longer.

But, never mind their rank and file’s preference, three unions contributed $10K each, and a bunch more tossed at least $1,000 her way. She’s been spending it like crazy, mailings, robo-calls, TV, radio, yard signs etc. She’s already probably spent as much in the last 8 weeks as Rhine McLin spent 4 years ago to get beat by Gary Leitzell, over the whole campaign- and we’ve still got 6 months to go.

This kind of money and foot soldiers scares Republicans- who can usually count on a few rich people to donate large sums, but can’t get 10 volunteers to go out and canvass, while the unions supply cash and shoe leather.

So once again, Republican Ohio lawmakers are trying to level the playing field:

Republican state Reps. Ron Maag, of Lebanon, and Kristina Roegner, of Hudson, plan to introduce two bills — one for the public sector and one for the private sector — that would end mandatory membership and dues payments to unions. In letters seeking support from House members, the representatives wrote that their respective bills would eliminate any requirements that public employees join or pay dues to unions and prohibit private employers from requiring union membership.

via Two state reps plan to introduce right-to-work bills.

The sad thing is, this is nothing new. My father supported Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota for the Democratic nomination for president in 1968. The union decided to back and give money to LBJ. He went to the American Civil Liberties Union and complained when the Cleveland Newspaper Guild gave a dime per capita to COPE (The AFL-CIO’s Committee for Political Education, which backed the re-election of LBJ). Nothing became of it.

If unions stayed out of politics, and stuck to improving the conditions for their workers, maybe, we wouldn’t see union dues being turned into a political football.

It’s going to be especially sad when the voters tell Nan that she’s not ready to be mayor of Dayton no matter how much of other people’s money she squanders on her inane campaign. It’s time to send a message to politicians and unions alike- stop trying to buy your way into office and screw up our democratic system. Big money isn’t the answer. Better answers are.

Donations to Whaley from Labor (this campaign only):

  • AFSCME Ohio Council 8 LA1273 6800 North High Street Worthigton OH 43085 3/13/13 check $10,000.00
  • Ohio State Association Plumbers & Pipefitters PCE 947 Goodale Blvd., Suite 209 Columbus OH 43212 2/23/13 Check $2,500.00
  • Communications Workers of America Ohio Legislative Action Committee LA166 20525 Center Ridge Rd., No. 700 Rocky River OH 1/24/13 Check $1,000.00
  • Communications Workers of America Ohio Legislative Action Committee LA166 20525 Center Ridge Rd., No. 700 Rocky River OH 3/15/13 Check $10,000.00
  • Laborers Dis. Council of Ohio·LPL 152 Dorchester Sq., Westerville OH 43081 3/1/13 Check $1,000.00
  • Dayton Area Sheet Metal Workers PEC OHlOSS 4949 Northcutt Place, Dayton OH 45414 3/22/13 Check $100.00
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters U62 SSFPCE local, 1200 E. second Street, Dayton OH 45403 3/22/13 Check $1,000.00
  • Ironworkers Local 290 290 PCE 606, Hillrose Ave., Dayton OH 45404 3/27/13 Check $100.00
  • OAPSE AFSCME Turnaround Ohio PAC LA 1269, 6805 Oak Creek Drive, Columbus OH 43.Z29 4/2/13 Check $1,000.00
  • Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen PAC C00099234, 1370 Ontario St., Cleveland OH 44113 4/4/13 Check $500.00
  • United Food and Commercial workers International Union, CLC Active Ballot Club C00020, 766 1775 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., 20060 4/10[13 Check $10,000.00
  • Ironworkers Political Action League Multi Candidate Committee C00027359, 1750 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C., 20006 4/15/13 Check $1,000.00
  • Dayton Area Sheet Metal Workers PEC OHlOSS, 4949 Northcutt Place, Dayton OH 45414 2/2.8/13 Check $250.00
  • Dayton Building Trades Council PCE, 1200 E. 2nd Street, Dayton OH 45403 12/29/12 Check $100.00
  • Ironworkers Local 290 PCE, 606 Hillrose Ave., Dayton OH 45404 12/03/12 Check $500.00
  • Dayton Building Trades Council PCE, 1200 E. 2nd Street, Dayton OH 45403 12/06/12 Check $250.00
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #162 PCE, 1200 E. 2nd Street, Dayton OH 45403 12/06/12 Check $1,000.00
  • Dayton Area Sheet Metal Workers Political Education Committee OH1055, 4949 Northcutt Place, Dayton OH 45414 12/17/12 Check $300.00

I’m not even going to total it up – someone else can.

From her 2013 pre-primary and her 2012 annual campaign finance reports.

Do you wonder why Republicans want to kill unions? It’s about protecting their jobs.


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