It wasn’t gerrymandering that sank Sharen Neuhardt

I’ve not posted my complete profile of Sharen Neuhardt yet. Partially, because she hasn’t bothered to put together a website ( is a one page press release) and she hasn’t distributed any literature. Her campaign speech is mindless drivel (video coming tomorrow night). Her entire speech is:

  • I was born in Dayton
  • My father was a Dayton Policeman
  • I went to Fairview high school
  • I went to Northwestern
  • I went to Georgetown law
  • I’m a business attorney
  • My husband and I bought a farm in Greene County
  • I learned from my 2008 campaign that a Democrat shouldn’t run in a gerrymandered district.

Even her answers to questions, from day one have been short, concise, boring and conservative. Her answer to “does she support single payer” is that “it might have worked 50 years ago- but not now, she supports what was passed.”

I tried to ask her how she knew the big bankers who gave her money a while back- and didn’t get an answer.

When the “screening committee” of the Montgomery County Democratic Party decided to endorse her, despite most of the candidates suggesting that the party shouldn’t (informal poll). They cited her “proven ability to raise money” and they think she can “beat Mike Turner.” It got under not only my skin, but Ryan Steele‘s as well. After I called her out at the Fayette County Democratic dinner, he did too. He asked why she didn’t file on the first deadline when OH-10 wasn’t the same district it is today, and if she really wanted to be our Congressman, or was she just in it to win. She deferred an opportunity to respond. Ryan specifically asked if it was still gerrymandered, would she run? He points out that she always blames gerrymandering for her well financed 2008 loss to Steve Austria for the open seat vacated by David Hobson.

We decided to make a video to point out how ludicrous Ms. Neuhardt’s excuse is. The fact is, she doesn’t campaign well. She hires people to do the work. She doesn’t have a message. She’s still $90K in debt for her last run. We’ll have a video of her campaigning up tomorrow.

But, for now- watch and learn, how she spent 48x the amount of money that Bill Connor spent to get 3% more votes than he did. It’s embarrassing that this is what the private club screening committee of the Montgomery County Democratic Party chose to “endorse.”

Tomorrow night, March 1st, 2012,  we’ll all be at the League of Women Voters candidates night at Stivers School of the Arts at 6 p.m. It’s free. Please come, and see if this video gets her to change her speech. Voters have a right to know what she stands for and what she plans to do- other than raise money from K-street lobbyists and her partners at Thompson Hine.


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