Issue 9 information session report

The group Neighborhoods over Politics, NOP, held a forum on Wednesday 12 Oct, 2016 at CSU Dayton campus.

There were about 50 people in attendance including all four Dayton City Commissioners and the County recorder Willis Blackshear. Normally, more than 2 members of the city commission causes Sunshine law issues if discussing public business.

There was an employee of the group pushing to pass issue 9- the one that hasn’t filed a campaign finance report. When asked who was bankrolling his job, all the signs, mailings- it got kinda strange.

Sorry about the quality of the video- it would really help if organizations holding candidates nights etc would read this post before holding an event like this.

Everyone needs a microphone- and to step up to speak. Preferably in the same spot.

It also helps to have a handout with the names and titles of your panel.

The people from Learn to Earn- or whatever organization they were from, seemed to be oblivious to who I was- or why I was asking the types of questions I was… with a camera… because, local “journalists” don’t ask questions….

I’ll have a post opposing issue 9 and why up here once I complete some more research.

It’s really apparent that this plan creates some new slush fund entities with no public oversight- that can take tax dollars and funnel them to private business. This isn’t what government is supposed to do with our tax dollars.

Rumor has it that an organization dumped $200K into the coffers of “Neighborhoods for Dayton’s Future”  and we still don’t know why.

As always- follow the money if you want answers.


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