Issue 3: Gamble and burn.

It’s bad enough that Issue 3 is a scam to hand over all gambling licenses to racetrack owners in Ohio- as opposed to just handing the rights over to Indian tribes, instead of taking a logical look at how and where gambling should be legal- but- their ads on tv and print- with minimal mention of slot machines- are so misleading it’s embarrassing .

“Vote Yes for Ohio’s kids. Paid College tuition for every Ohio Child” is total bull.

This is a ballot issue to allow Racetrack owners an unfettered monopoly on slot machines- the lowest odd gambling game in a casino.

This isn’t about bringing true competition to the Indiana floating casinos- or giving dying center cities a tool to bring a new draw to downtown- it’s about a handout.

Vote no on Issue 3. Spit at the television every time you see one of these deceptive ads. Line birdcages with the print ads- then put them in an envelope and send them to the racetrack owners.

If this isn’t proof that our political and election system has been corrupted by money – I don’t know what is.

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