Issue 3: Gamble and burn.

It’s bad enough that Issue 3 is a scam to hand over all gambling licenses to racetrack owners in Ohio- as opposed to just handing the rights over to Indian tribes, instead of taking a logical look at how and where gambling should be legal- but- their ads on tv and print- with minimal mention of slot machines- are so misleading it’s embarrassing .

“Vote Yes for Ohio’s kids. Paid College tuition for every Ohio Child” is total bull.

This is a ballot issue to allow Racetrack owners an unfettered monopoly on slot machines- the lowest odd gambling game in a casino.

This isn’t about bringing true competition to the Indiana floating casinos- or giving dying center cities a tool to bring a new draw to downtown- it’s about a handout.

Vote no on Issue 3. Spit at the television every time you see one of these deceptive ads. Line birdcages with the print ads- then put them in an envelope and send them to the racetrack owners.

If this isn’t proof that our political and election system has been corrupted by money – I don’t know what is.

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Bruce Kettelle

“as opposed to just handing the rights over to Indian tribes”

This issue is about tribal rights as well. Under federal law if a tribe can identify tribal land rights in a state that allows gambling, then the tribe may offer gambling to the same extent allowed elsewhere in the state.

Some in Columbus have said that this won’t happen because there are no tribal lands in Ohio. But apparently no one has told that to the tribal leaders (or they don’t beleive it) while they take options to purchase land around the state such as in Covington and Mason.

If someone has the time to look close enough I’ll bet you will find tribal money supporting this issue.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

I am for this proposal; however I will admit that a better bill could have been crafted for all sides, but in typical fashion the Ohio Legislature abdicated their responsibility. I have been blessed to study this issue from all sides, but I am adamant about one thing in this bill. Some of the money will go to fund horseracing. Not enough money, but some and since everyone sat on their hands, this is the bill we have. I am sorry but I love racing and I love the benefits that racing provides for Ohio. I am tired of explaining, but I will attempt to give the rationale.

1. Horseracing supports preservation of green space.
2. Horseracing supports agriculture.
3. Agriculture and Racing allow people that are not good with people to make a living.

I am sorry, but we have gamblers in Ohio and this money should stay in Ohio. I am only depressed that the Lebanon Operation cannot be shifted to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. If we had racing and slots at the Fairgrounds, that would provide a great added destination for a Dayton revival. Again that will not be as the Lebanon operation will migrate to a location closer to I75, which will drive sprawl south again.

David Esrati
David Esrati

If this was a true piece of legislation- instead of a port project for the Racetrack owners- you would see horse tracks opening up all over- so we could have more slots. Unfortunately, this legislation is like saying all left handed red heads with six fingers on their right hand can win millions of dollars- and no one else can.
This is not free-trade, it’s not in the best interest of anyone but the track owners- and dressing it as a way to fund schools is deplorable and misleading.
There are much better ways to support horse racing than slots.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

In actuality we could have more places opening up as the original off track betting legislation allows for opening two parlors under the license, which never happened. If the new constitution allows for that processes we could have as many as 14 new slot locations.

I will admit that it is a pork project for the racetracks, but Ohio has done nothing to support this agricultural industry. Sorry, the die was cast and the incompetent, God fearing legislature has taken a pass.

In fact this state lost one of the most lucrative, high tech operations because of the constitution and the idiot Betty Montgomery. The internet and phone betting operations for wagers on racetracks was first proposed for Columbus, OHIO, but that was rebuked by Betty and now Oregon gets the cash.

Slots are stupid and most of the track owners (in Ohio) are bums, but the horse industry is a great asset for Ohio and no one is coming to the aid except through greed.

David Esrati
David Esrati

We’ll agree to disagree on this. However, trying to mislead voters into believing this is some kind of school funding issue should be all it takes to make it fail.

Bruce Kettelle

I wish the opponents would make an ad like this:

[Man with clipboard approaches unsteady camera and holds out a pen]
man with clipboard – Hi. Could you help me out and sign this petition to raise more money for schools in Ohio, we need to get enough signatures on the ballot for a constitutional amendment.

[camera becomes apparent that it is an undercover hidden camera and man with clipboard does not know he is being recorded]

voice behind camera – That sounds good, education needs more money in Ohio.

man with clipboard – It sure does just sign here and we’ll get it on the ballot.

[hand comes from behind camera takes pen and signs clipboard and hands back pen]

voice behind camera – By the way where is the money coming from?

man with clipboard – Oh, this is to legalize slot machines in Ohio.

voice behind camera – What? Give me that back I want to cross out my name.

[man with clipboard runs away]

man with clipboard – It’s too late, I’ve got to go turn this in, I get paid for every signature.

[cut to scene of man with clipboard getting paid in cash for his petition]

voiceover – We got tricked into getting issue 3 onto the ballot and now they are trying to trick us into voting for it. Don’t get tricked, issue three is all about someone else’s profit with your money. Vote no on issue three, stop the slot machines in Ohio.