Is it time for a “combat zone?”

I’m throwing this out for discussion, it’s an idea, nothing more.

We’ve been filling prisons with people at a ridiculous rate. When they get out, they are treated like lepers. We spend a good deal of money on police chasing their tails on people who are hell bent on being stupid.

The “war on drugs” was lost before it started.

Witness the recent “gang related” murders in Dayton and the Chief’s response:

McDaniel was gunned down outside the Western Manor apartments May 4 in what detectives said appeared to be a gang-related robbery.

Biehl said the attacks at what are supposed to be peaceful gatherings are a concern, but “it needs to be repeated that the people involved or at these events have been living a high-risk lifestyle and have put themselves in position to become victims of violent crime.”

Biehl has grappled with his feelings of anger and frustration in the wake of the recent shootings, but said those who feel hopeless need to find courage instead of resorting to violence.

via Police chief blames gangs for shooting at funeral.

What we have is a small group of people, who seem to believe that this is the Wild West.

So, maybe we should give it to them.

Take an area, 6, 10 20, square blocks—cordon it off, and make it an arrest-free zone. You can sell drugs, take drugs, prostitute, shoot each other, do whatever you want, you just have to declare taxes and not expect any support from the courts, medical facilities, fire department—anything. Once you enter the “combat zone” you live or die by the sword or your own stupidity. Enter at your own risk, sign a waiver to enter. If we have to put a welcome station outside and offer “guests” the opportunity to watch an educational video about life on the streets in the CZ.

Call it an experiment in social Darwinism, call it crazy, but, we’re not getting any better at prevention as far as I can tell.

To make things even more interesting, if we catch you with an unregistered concealed gun, drugs, prostitution etc. outside the combat zone, you have a choice— face prosecution, or go to the combat zone, go directly to the combat zone, do not pass go, do not collect $200. And you have to stay there, until you’ve gotten rid of your gun, your drugs or done your hooking. Any drugs confiscated in busts outside the CZ—get distributed free in the CZ.

You won’t be able to leave the CZ without passing a checkpoint for sobriety, weapon- and drug-free.

For a while, a bunch of people will die. Then, the smart drug dealers, hookers and other undesirables will realize that crime scares away their customers. It will have to be safer, or the business won’t flourish.

Yes, no one will want this in their back yard, but, if I have to listen to people I know say they live in the middle of a shooting gallery every night in our fair city, let’s at least come up with a better solution.

I’m as frustrated with the local gang-style killings as anyone else—this is a vent—to start a discussion on what to do.

I’m not sure this is it, but, I’d be willing to hear if you have any better ideas.

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