Is it news? Or is it Esrati?

There’s an old ad, is it butter or is it Parkay?

In Dayton, there’s the official news outlets- and then there’s me with

On Tuesday night, I posted what may be a pivotal news story- one that talks about the Federal Government’s ability to allow criminals to run for office, while under indictment. It may not be the Pentagon Papers in scope or scale, but, then again- maybe it is. Maybe most of Congress (at least the half that claimed the election of Joe Biden was illegitimate, but of course- the results from the same voting machines put them legitimately in office) is actually made up of Confidential Informants- already with a plea deal, trying to uncover the massive corruption caused by the “Citizens United” case. That case, for those of you just joining the party of the informed, basically allowed our elections to turn into auctions, giving us the “best politicians money can buy.”

And, I’ve said for a long time that Nan Whaley was the queen of quid pro quo deals. But, proving it was difficult. I thought when I dissected the donations to her Issue 9 campaign it would be as clear as day to anyone willing to put her in jail. Of the 150 donors to the campaign, where the AVERAGE donation was $1873, almost all were either city contractors, high placed city employees or- institutions that depend on the well established Monarchy of Montgomery County to keep their empires safe.

Now, do to dumb luck and Dayton’s 1.2 degrees of separation, I had the smoking gun. Someone on the Grand Jury spilled the beans in passing that Whaley was on tape, extensively in the grand jury hearings for the “Culture of Corruption” investigation- and that federal prosecutors were hot to bring her down- until, they weren’t. Putting 2 and 2 together as real journalists do, I’d figured she’d worked a deal, much like Joey Williams did- become a CI in exchange for leniency. I used the Freedom of Information Act to request the tapes- being denied as almost all requests for Grand Jury information is- except when it isn’t- when politicians are doing something wrong.

I got a call from the Dayton Daily news star investigative reporter (they only can afford one now) Josh Swigart on Wednesday- midday- “Well, you scooped us again.” No, I replied, I didn’t “scoop” you Josh, I did what investigative reporters do- I asked a lot of questions, I filed a FOIA request months ago, exhausted the appeals, and asked for mediation as required, but was told my case was “a complex case” and it would be months before they got to it. I’d done all my legal research, I’d written a filing for Federal courts, I’d tried to hire a lawyer to take the case, and then did it myself. Then I wrote about it- published it- and gave your editor, Jim Bebbington the heads up via text.

It’s called leading a horse to water. But, as the saying goes, you can’t make him drink. I also sent it to other news outlets, and so far, none of them have bitten either. It’s had limited engagement online. And no matter how hard the Dayton Daily news may try, it’s almost impossible to write a story about this without including my name in it- or mentioning my blog. Drats.

Maybe they are saving it for Sunday. The only day that counts for them readership wise. Maybe not. Maybe they are waiting for Monday- so they can bury it so deep in the issue with the lowest readership and thinnest local news- so that they don’t give me any recognition.

Because if Esrati wrote it- it’s not somehow any more legitimate than his failed candidacies in Dayton – where he’s just a loser.

Speaking of losers, you know that over 2 weeks ago, a loser of a lawyer was found guilty of assault? And has cases filed against him for sexual assault, domestic violence, and workplace antics that make soon to be former Governor Cuomo look like Mr. Rogers? That story is still not news according the Dayton Daily- because, well, Esrati scooped them.

His sentencing has been delayed until the 25th. But, what hasn’t stopped happening is that women that he’s violated, ripped off and failed to properly represent them in legal cases- have been contacting me with more stories of gross malfeasance, drug use, extortion attempts, sexual misconduct etc. Why do they come to me? Because the Dayton Daily news doesn’t cover the story. And guess what, there’s more- now I’m starting to uncover how lawyers in this town not only looked the other way, but also manipulate the system to pay each other off, with the tacit approval of judges.

And, btw, he’s deleted my 1 star google review with a link to that story. But, don’t worry, there’s another story brewing about how Google may have to figure out how to avoid steering people to lawyers who aren’t very good thanks to an algorithm that can be gamed. The people at Thompson Reuters who run “” and AVVO may also have a problem.

But, that’s yet another story I have to work on, as if I don’t have enough already, like more on how Public Health and County contracts were steered by a certain former government employee so he could buy into a gig with a contractor.

Of course, while those stories didn’t get a lot of traction on social media, the one that did, was the one where the Vice President of the Dayton Board of Education was filmed rapping- and announcing his position to all, then immediately using the “n-word.” I didn’t find that video by accident, I found it because a retired educator with over 50 years of teaching in the district, as a woman of color, was disgusted by it. I found the video- and didn’t upload it to Youtube- where I may get a content strike- I put it on my own server, and shared it without transcription- asking if this is appropriate language for an educational and community leader to use. I have been called every name in the book.

Apparently, because I’m white, I can’t report news in the Black community. Apparently, I’m a failed candidate because I”m a racist. And, I’ve never done half of what young Will Smith has. Even hanging over 600 free basketball nets in this city isn’t significant- I’m doing a hatchet job on Mr. Smith. People get real brave behind the keyboard- and I’m not going to out them all, but, one in particular, as a “Community leader” on the West Side is not going to get away with it.

He’s edited some of his responses.

Marlon Shackelford

I totally support what Will Smith has done for DPS & as a Community Organizer….and defend him as a board member & young man with character. Hell I love and support David Lawrence too. Black Community “DOES NOT” need Will to resigned at all….

David Esrati

Marlon Shackelford You don’t speak for the entire “black community” If a teacher had said this- they’d be fired (and others have been).

Marlon Shackelford

David Esrati I speak & work with & for a large number and his work speaks for itself. He is too valuable to lose for one mistake, an I will defend his character.

David Esrati

Marlon Shackelford well- that’s your choice. I just lost a lot of respect for you.

Marlon Shackelford

David Esrati I don’t care about you losing respect for me Lol….I don’t ask or need NOTHING from you, NOTHING. Your Choice, my opinion….

David Esrati

Marlon Shackelford I still wonder why your name was one of the first the Feds asked about when Joey Williams was rolled as a CI. Maybe one day- you’ll explain it to me?…/17659

Marlon Shackelford

David Esrati maybe you didn’t read it carefully, convicted of nothing And my works speak for itself Lol…our Community definitely needs Will Smith before you, maybe that’s why you can’t win or buy an election? People ignore you soooo much they dont vote for you hmmmm… Why is that?

David Esrati

Marlon Shackelford The FBI wasn’t asking about me Marlon- they were asking about you. I can’t win an election isn’t the issue. Joey Williams won a bunch of him- and you supported him. He’s a convicted felon now.
Nan Whaley won a bunch of elections too.
Hmmm- she’s not looking so good right now either.
Maybe the problem is people who seem to think it’s OK for elected officials to use the “N-word” in a rap after saying they are VP of the Dayton Board of Education- are willing to vote for criminals like Williams, Clayton Luckie, and…. not me.
I can’t help it if ignorance is your thing.
It’s not mine.
Go repeat that word 100 times to yourself while standing in front of a mirror.
Go say it to kids.
You are an embarrassment.

Marlon Shackelford

David Esrati – my final words to you I’ll say in your face….you’re not worth my time…..

David Esrati

Marlon Shackelford You are absolutely right. You obviously endorse the use of the word. I have no use for you either.

Marlon Shackelford

David Esrati I dont endorse the use of the word, but, nobody not even you are perfect. Will Smith is an asset, not liability. Battle rap is an art form, too complicated for your cancel culture mentality. Enough said, I’ll see you soon face 2 face or at the polls.
No, it’s not news, it’s Esrati. And we have to shoot the messenger.
The stories I’m working on are even more incendiary. How bad is the corruption in Dayton? In Ohio?
I’m thinking of putting together a documentary- “Democracy Subverted. How small town corruption met it’s match.”
Feel free to donate to the cause either directly to me, or to my 501C4 where no one has to know about it.
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