In Dayton- after we invented flight (yawn) we rocked!

Ah, to be able to get back to talking about Dayton- and not just politics.

One of the undervalued gems of the gem city is our music scene. No, we’re not Austin, but, if you are willing to make a little effort to check out local music, you’ll find we’ve got some amazing talent. Found this site by total accident- thought I’d share:

I Remember Dayton (Punk and Indie Rock)
a scrapbook of stories, pictures, and sound from Dayton music, ca 1987-94

While you’ve probably heard of the Ohio Players, Roger and Zapp, Hawthorne Heights, Guided By Voices, the Breeders, David Poe etc. there have been a ton of  other bands that know how to rock, croon, warble, wail, screech, funk, punk and twist. Saw that Nicky K would be playing Therapy Saturday night- and if you haven’t heard the king of surf rock and the theramin of Dayton- might be a good time to get your indoctrination.


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