In Dayton- after we invented flight (yawn) we rocked!

Ah, to be able to get back to talking about Dayton- and not just politics.

One of the undervalued gems of the gem city is our music scene. No, we’re not Austin, but, if you are willing to make a little effort to check out local music, you’ll find we’ve got some amazing talent. Found this site by total accident- thought I’d share:

I Remember Dayton (Punk and Indie Rock)
a scrapbook of stories, pictures, and sound from Dayton music, ca 1987-94

While you’ve probably heard of the Ohio Players, Roger and Zapp, Hawthorne Heights, Guided By Voices, the Breeders, David Poe etc. there have been a ton of  other bands that know how to rock, croon, warble, wail, screech, funk, punk and twist. Saw that Nicky K would be playing Therapy Saturday night- and if you haven’t heard the king of surf rock and the theramin of Dayton- might be a good time to get your indoctrination.


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Drexel Dave

A few you’ve forgot:

Red Allen and Frank Wakefield
The Osborne Brothers
Lab Partners
John Legend (Springfield)
Kentucky Overflow (seldom seen but critically adored)

And a favorite of the European music press last year:


PS – There are LOTS more I left out, in order for others to fill in.


DD is absolutely correct about adding in the bluegrass sound..often overlooked, this area made a great contribution to the genre, as well as being one of the early fan bases.

I recall back when I lived in California a public radio station in San Mateo had an entire afternoon of bluegrass music sourced from SW Ohio, and Dayton featured prominently in this.

And yeah, Lab Partners…last time I saw them they realy did rock!

People have NO IDEA what a solid local music scene we’ve got.

Rob Degenhart

Great Show At Canal Street Tavern Friday March 14th!

The Spikedrivers, from Columbus, Ohio…Americana/bluegrass/old timey/jam band/folk…plus more…a great fiddle player and one of the best front men in rock and roll…I’ll be there for my second time and looking forward to a lively evening…lot’s of dancing and what not…

Look em up on myspace and listen to some tunes like John Dillenger and Talkin Politics Blues and Rita and Mary…these guys KILL…

See you next week at the show

Drexel Dave

A little known treat for you Bluegrass fans. Every Sunday afternoon, Red Allen’s son Ronnie(?) Allen hosts a weekly bluegrass jam at The Stockyards Inn where you can be among some of the greats of the genre.

And let’s not forget the unforgettable radio legend of Bluegrass, Moon Mullins, whose son Joe operates the FANTASTIC country music station WBZI in Xenia.


“I Remember Dayton” is WONDERFUL (full disclosure: Pat Jones is a good friend. And he rocks.)

And I’m really, really hoping I don’t have to hitch up a dogsled to get to Therapy tomorrow night!


you know about the dayton dirt collective right?


I know about them from the internet and I’ve blogged about them in a post on “Underground Dayton”.