In a perfect world…

In a perfect world:

Gas stations wouldn’t be allowed to charge 9/10 of a cent in a world where the penny is almost obsolete.

Printer manufacturers wouldn’t be allowed to sell printers that require toner or ink that costs more than the printer new (I mean, are we really trying to fill up landfills?)

There would be no such thing as “over the limit” fees for credit cards- since they approve all charges.

America would finally switch to the metric system since even the English ditched their stupid system.

All TV would be ala carte- pay only for the shows you want- watch targeted ads if you want your programming bill subsidized.

Shoes would still be able to be resoled.

Wi-fi would be ubiquitous and free.

Journalists could still make a living doing journalism.

Political office wouldn’t go to the highest bidder in the United States.

Hospitals would have to quote prices in advance- and couldn’t charge more to the uninsured than they do to the insured.

We’d bring back brick streets in residential neighborhoods (they last longer, and slow down traffic naturally).

College athletes would get paid a living wage in addition to the scholarship money (slavery in all forms should be over).

We’d be filling our prisons with people who made millions while bringing down the global economy and hurting all of us- and stop worrying about hookers and junkies – who only hurt themselves.

The arms race would end- and we could go back to dueling with swords- or better yet- shoot a game of HORSE (I trust Obama’s jumper).

In a perfect world, what would you ask for?

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Kelly Ketelboeter
Kelly Ketelboeter

People would take responsibility for their actions.

People would embrace change and look for the good in all things.

There wouldn’t frivolous lawsuits and greedy lawyers!

You wouldn’t have to strip just to get through security at an airport and shove all your liquid items into 3 ounce containers and 1 quart size bag.

You could eat anything you want and not gain weight!!


I had a pair of shoes resoled about a year ago actually.


I don’t have a problem with shoes, but I can think of a few people who ought to be “re-souled”.

Ice Bandit

The Bombers would be at Hara…..

It wouldn’t take longer to pump the last fifty cents of gas than it did the initial $19.50…

High school soccer would be played in the spring and prep baseball in the fall….

Saturday Night Live would be funny again…

David Lauri

It’s not the gas stations who set the price in tenths of a cent. That results from the tax rate, which government sets:

And what difference does gas being priced in tenths of cents make? When you pay, it’s rounded to the nearest cent anyway.