I’m David Esrati, and I think for myself

Today I was “screened” twice. Both times behind closed doors, both by people who think they are politically astute.

I’ve been through these before, yet, for some reason, I thought I was going to be asked hard questions. Issues, answers, qualifications, positions, solutions? Nope. None of the above.

It’s all about the money. How much you have, how much can you raise. Can you sell out to this special interest group or another? No one asked what could you do for the people you are hoping to represent. No one was interested in what are the issues facing residents of OH-3.

Even though they had 4 succinct pages of answers to their questions, the Montgomery County Democratic Party screening committee didn’t ask about the issues part- it questioned if my support of unions would be unequivocal (yes if it’s working conditions or safety, or the right to organize, no if it’s seniority based preferences) and if I’d drop out if not endorsed? Absolutely not, it’s a primary, the people have the right to decide.

By the way, news flash, Mary Wiseman’s gay bashing opposition dropped out today.

At least at the party HQ they asked how I thought I’d beat Mike Turner. The DDN didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with Mike Turner- which means they probably don’t think there’s anything wrong with George W. Bush.

When it comes to money, I’d consider myself a failure if I spent over $200,000 to beat Mike Turner. I think it’s almost criminal to spend even that. We need to shorten campaign season, take the public money out, and focus on the issues and the answers instead of the auction it’s become. We’re not getting very good value for our money with the crew we’ve anointed to power.

Yes, I’m a Democrat, but, first I’m an American. I’m in this race to serve my country, not some special interest group. I want to sound like the people I live with, not some political analyst who has to hire a pollster to tell her that Mike Turner can be beaten (Jane Mitakides hired Celinda Lake to tell her that).

I talked to two successful businessmen today, who I’ve done business with for years. Neither is a Democrat, and both think I’m a bit nuts for doing this. But, after a short talk, both said the same thing- the system is broken, and I’m the only one talking the talk, trying to do the right thing, for the right reasons, and maybe, just maybe, I’m not so nuts after all.

Help me talk to a few more people. Tell your friends about this campaign. After today, I’m even more sure that it’s their endorsements I want more that those of the “politically astute” — because they think the system is still working, and you and I know it’s not.

I’m David Esrati, and I think that you deserve better than what the system has been serving you.

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