I got a parking ticket- and I’m happy.

I pulled up in front of my office to unload the car yesterday- and parked facing the wrong way.

I didn’t do my usual run back out and move the car- it was going to be less than 30 minutes- and voila, Officer Willy Hooper did his job and wrote me a ticket!

$35 or $25 if I pay within 72 hours. No online payment, or pay by phone- just in person or by mail- but, hey, at least the cops are finally realizing that the city can earn revenue from tickets.

Now, if they’d actually start running speed traps, writing tickets for running the stop sign at Bonner and Adams, and enforcing the noise ordinance- we’d be making real progress.

(hint) People don’t speed in Oakwood for a reason.

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People do speed in Oakwood. But if you live in Oakwood they give you a warning. If you appear to be poor they write you a ticket.

Maybe, just maybe, they will start enforcing the laws regarding illegal drug use, theft, and any of the other million laws people seem to break. But then again most of you love the idea of selective enforcement of laws.

I say ship them all to Greenland.



I agree with you 100% on this.

greg hunter
greg hunter

Let’s see if society can afford all of costs of Incarceration. Drug, gambling & prostitution laws are counterproductive.


They can’t afford incarceration of everyone. But you love selective enforcements of certain laws.

I think most laws are counterproductive. But I don’t make the laws, I just inform the proper authorities when they are broken.

Bullets don’t cost that much. One (or two) per law breaker – and in about a year no one would break any law!

People don’t speed in Oakwood because you go directly to jail if they have other criminal offenses, much like the people in Dayton.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

I just inform the proper authorities when they are broken.


Bullets don’t cost that much.

I prefer to hold them at bay with the lever action .44 <img src=”http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=11775612&albumID=2244799&imageID=42671941″ Winchester and gut slice them as it really teaches them a lesson.

I am dreaming of you Gene!


Don’t break the law and you will have no problems. Easy as that Greg.
Roll one and declare your freedom. Pick certain laws you want to break and then break them. I don’t care – but maybe the cops will.

Narc? Sorry i turned in a guy who was molesting a 16 year old girl. The nerve of a punk to call a good citizen a narc. Tell her I am a narc. You started the name calling, which David will allow from you.

I hurt the criminals freedom by not letting him hurt another person. I am a bad person for that. A bullet shall be reserved for those who can not see the truth.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter


I applaud your narcing on the molester, but would you narc on me if I sparked up in front of you?


Not if you shared.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

:) There is no other way! LOL

David Esrati
David Esrati

I’m turning you potheads both in.