How to build the Dayton of the future: David Esrati’s plan in 20 minutes

Logo for How to build the Dayton of the Future the David Esrati planIf we wanted to really learn about what a candidate’s plans are, we wouldn’t expect them to answer in 2 minutes or less. I understand people have a short attention span, but, when it comes to something important, 2 minutes isn’t enough. When I learned that the McCook Field neighborhood association was going to give us 20 minutes, in a facility with a projector and a screen, I pulled an all-nighter and put together a presentation. I’d like to give it again- and have a bit more time to rehearse, and tweak it, if any organization is listening. Twenty minutes is the same as a TED talk. They bill them as “Ideas worth spreading”- so, please spread.

I may also put up the deck via slideshare, when I have more time. Look for David K Greer and Joseph Lutz video tomorrow. This is the first video from the meeting in this post: Another candidates’ night: Lutz unveils his grand plan.

After this presentation, no one complained about my “command voice” – they heard me 10×10. I hope you do as well. Please share, like, spread and support (donate).

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