Heaven comes in little chunks- and squeaks when warm

Blue Jacket Dairy LogoNo, I’m not a cheese head Packer fan from Wisconsin, but I used to have one who worked for me. Great guy, great employee with a great attitude- and a direct connection to cheese curds.

That’s right- a product desperately in need of rebranding, but, because they taste so good, who cares. In fact, I hope you don’t go looking for the booth at the 2nd Street Public Market where the Blue Jacket Dairy from Bellfountaine Ohio sells little tubs of my favorite cheese snack.

Update: Oct 4 08, Blue Jacket Dairy will not be at the 2nd Street Market anymore :-( still available on Thursdays at the Centerville market and at the Yellow Springs market.

UPDATE: Nov 14: Blue Jacket Dairy cheese curds will be available at Dorothy Lane Market- Washington Square location.

I don’t know how to describe them- but this is from their website:

Cheddar curd is simply cheddar cheese that hasn’t been aged. It is great for snacking and in salads, or melt it on toast for a fantastic sandwich. Salty, scrumptious and addictive!

Blue Jacket Dairy farmstead cheese, Ohio.

Just do me a favor, don’t buy all their curds before 11am when I usually get down to the market.

And if you warm them up just a bit in the microwave, or let them sit out on the counter to get to room temp- they’ll squeak when you eat them.

Just another reason to live in Dayton.

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re-brand it for them – FREE.

this alone would prove your generous side – if you have one.

Or maybe we should tax people to re-brand it – give this company and others money to spend with you to re-brand stuff. I know you would love that.

But I will try this product – thanks for the cheese info

David Esrati
David Esrati

The problem is- everyone calls them Cheese curds in Wisconsin-
it’s not just the local dairy. When the Wisconsin Cheese Processors look for an ad agency- I’ll consider doing the rebranding. But, no- I won’t do it for free. It’s bad enough I’m sharing my secret connection to my cheese curds with the rest of you.



How about Cheez-Whiz?! And they can sell it in spray-cans! Genius! I want curds for life for this idea.


Let me tell you what… get yourself a Fry Daddy, some cheese curds, some misc items for breading and you can be enjoying some of the best homemade cheese sticks ever! I think the only other place I’ve found cheese curds around here was at Jungle Jims. Thanks for the heads up.

The Dame
The Dame

I just read about the fried cheese curd phenomenon in a book on hamburger stands, and was intrigued. Thanks for the heads up, David!


Another great place to find these little treasures is at my Dad’s concession trailer that shows up a festivals and fairs around the state. Doggies specializes in Chicago style hot dogs, but has deep fried cheese curds on the side.
We’re looking for an Ohio Dairy Farm for our supplier as they are increasingly more difficult to have shipped in from Wisconsin. He’s calling Blue Jacket Dairy as I type this.
Look for Doggies at the upcoming festivals in Richwood, Reynoldsburg, Crestline and Oak Harbor!
(Sorry for the shameless plug!)


Doggies picked up some of Blue Jacket’s curds and are currently using them in thier concession.


They told me they visited Blue Jacket Dairy and picked up several pounds of curds. They sold out of them at the Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival.

David Esrati
David Esrati

sorry- Blue Jacket Dairy pulled out of the 2nd street market. Still available at the Centerville market and the Yellow Springs market.
I’m very depressed.

Diana Fessler


I can, on ocassion, deliver some cheese to you if you would like.


David Esrati
David Esrati

Update: Blue Jacket Dairy cheese curds will be available at Dorothy Lane Market- Washington Square location.