Gutless wonders in the “Speak Up” column

Gotta love the DDN for running “Speak Up”- an anonymous slander column on the op-ed page. Here is what some gutless wonder called in and said:

It’s time for David Esrati to get a life. Years ago, wearing the Ninja mask was startling, now it’s just the case of a misguided person wanting 15 minutes of fame”

It’s OK, maybe the Commission will stop letting all citizens come up and speak. Hell, maybe they just eliminate elections too- since the process isn’t even bringing opposition anymore (Lovelace and Joseph are running un-opposed in the fall).

Democracy only exists when you test it.

End of civics lesson.

If any of you wish to lambaste me in the paper- go ahead, but write a letter, via [email protected] – but you’ll have to sign your name.

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