Greek Fest weekend.

It’s the best weekend of the year for me- Greek Fest. Unlike Columbus where it costs $4 to get in, the Dayton Greek Fest is FREE. The food is everywhere- and it’s the one time I can go out- and see everyone I know, all in one place.

It’s at the Greek Orthodox church- right behind the Dayton Art Institute, and runs until at least 11 tonight- and I think 8 on Sunday.

Next Friday night is Urban Nights- and my birthday. Usually, this means I don’t get to get out and about downtown on the big downtown open house, but that’s the plan this year.

Of course, high school football is going, so there is always something to do on a Friday night if you want to get caught up in a crowd. For those who complain about things to do in Dayton- you aren’t trying real hard.

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D. Greene

Thanks for reminding me about Greek Fest! Italian Fest on County Line Road is this weekend as well I think.


don’t forget about the sideshow next weekend :)