Google Translate for….

This makes me want to trade in my iPhone for a droid. The ultimate translation app from our friends at Google Topeka.

Google Translate for animals means I’d never have to guess what’s hurting my dog (she’s limping right now after her walkabout yesterday) and maybe I could find out why she likes to smear cat doo around her neck like a necklace.

Google may have made its money in search, but this program has implications beyond even, well, Al Gore’s invention of the Internet.

Watch the video:

There are rumors swirling that the next brand extension will be Google Translate for voters- play any politician’s speech in- and it will cross-reference it with Google public data explorer,  run expert analysis against leading authorities on the web and spit out the most likely meaning.

It’s currently in pre-beta, using the a top-secret code name:  but around the googleplex- they just call it by it’s more popular name: Bullshit detector.

Release is scheduled for April 1, 2011

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