Go to jail, get raped by a corrections officer, only in Phil Plummer’s house of horrors

Franco Rodio Villella mugshot

Soon to be former Corrections Officer Franco Rodio Villella

Corrections officers can’t have consensual relations with inmates.

It’s kind of the bedrock of the job.

Apparently, Montgomery County Corrections officer Franco Rodio Villella, 23 (about to be 24 in a week) must have missed that training, because yesterday he took a female inmate to a section of the jail (W21) and had sex with her. She claims she was yelling rape the whole time, he said it was consensual. He’s now being held in jail in Logan county on charges of sexual battery.

It’s all on camera, and there is DNA evidence. A crude description of what they did is not fit for publication.

She’s still downtown. She’s 5’6″, 135 lbs and 47 years old and in for a drug possession charge on $2,500 bail. I don’t think she deserves to have her mugshot added to this mess.

This will cost the county and the taxpayers a lot more than that to settle.

The accused CO has a social media account that is pathetic. His Facebook profile says he went to Miami East High School, is from Troy Ohio, and studied at Wilmington College. I’m guessing his engagement to K.K. will probably be called off. He’s proud of his weight lifting- benching 300×1.  Which is pretty impressive since his booking stats say he’s 5’7″ and 180lbs.
I’m just going to post a few screen shots from his twitter account. Should have set off some alarm bells for someone doing a background check.

The victim was a Dayton resident. I repeat the question, why does Dayton still send their citizens to this decrepit place? And why is Phil Plummer not responsible? The buck has to stop somewhere?

It’s time for an intervention in this jail. Not a taskforce, not a study, competent folks need to be brought in to run it- and only the most dangerous people should be in it.

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