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  Picked up the Riva and sure enough it is not an 86 but an 83xc. It is the 180 though. I got the throttle cable and installed it pretty easily but it is more of a project than I thought it would be or want. But then I stumbled onto another Riva. You guessed it, I now own 2 of them. The first one is black and the body is dulled and rough and it has been down at least once. The second looks exactly like the Tom Hanks one though. even shiny under the body panels. It does not run either though. Same situation, parked unused for a few years although at least the second one was in a garage. They both crank with good compression but more than likely the first one will be a parts bike for the second one. That decision will be made after I get the new one going. I may not need much from it and may just part it out to recoup my investment. I will need at least one tire but I will probably buy them new for safety’s sake. I am really tempted to just dump some carb cleaner… Read more »
frank colley

I also have a 1985 Yamaha Riva 125. Bought it for 300.00 20 years ago and am thinking about bringing it back to life. It is really is in great shape and ran it briefly. It seems that the carb has a missing float holder on the inside of the carb. It causes the machine to bog somewhat on exceleration. I intend to have a new one installed shortly. Other than that it is a blast!!!! It is exactly like the red one you bought.


Hi I saw that you said you couldn’t find anyone to work on your bike and was wondering where you are located? My boyfriend is starting a shop out of his garage he is a certified motorcycle mechanic out of the Motorcycles Mechanic Institute in Arizona.  We are located in Southern California and he actually is working on one of these bikes right now!! Do you happen to have the service manual to the bike? Or do you know where i can find one online for free? Thanks for you time. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

James Motorcycle Clinic
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i know its been ahwile. But i am buying a Riva 180 from 1985 and want to know what I should look for when i purchase?

AL LaGue

hi i want body parts L&R side panls frunt coul florbord and mats &hedlight as please or cal 503 747 7311