launches- yawn.

Well, almost 5 months after the campaign hit the fan, the website finally launched- and Lori Turner didn’t get to overbill for Real Art’s services, like she had on everything else. The Dayton Development Coalition spent a million dollars- and this is what we have: – Dayton Region
The Dayton Region in Southwest Ohio is a diverse mixture of cultures, experience, people and places. We have something for everyone.

The site isn’t one I’d want to go to twice- but, then again, I prefer substance over sugar coating.

What do you think?

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1 Million dollars? If I would have voted for the people that approved this, I would be following them around and screaming at them.


Nice photography on the site. I wonder who “donated” it all, because I know I was asked to donate my work to the DDC.

Drexel Dave

Pelting officials with rotten vegetables needs to come back into vogue.

Bruce Kettelle

…and they didn’t even tie in the ‘Get Midwest’ phrase into the text

rob d

Dude…look at my new billboard on 675, just south of Dayton Yellow Springs Rd…I had a super pleasurable experience with DDC and Real Art…My billboard never looked better!

The Best Midwest 55 and Over Manufactured Home Communities.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Might want to look at this post-
interesting comparison of the Get Midwest site with others…