Gem City Roller Girls-

So, I read the disclaimer that was handed to me with my tickets:

“No video, professional photography equipment”

and left my Canon Digital Rebel XT at home.

All I had was my little Sony DSC-T1 which really couldn’t do the action justice.

No one else read the disclaimer- there were cameras everywhere- and, if you ask me- Roller Derby is amazing photo material.

I’ve only got 2 that I like- in an art way- so here they are. Next bout- in Oct. at The Dayton Convention Center- I’ll have the real camera.

Gem City Roller Girls photo/2Gem City Roller Girls photo

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Phillip Ranly

Funny thing, I heard something about a new Roller Derby team forming in Cincinnati on 55KRC this morning.

David Sparks

More rollergirl (and blues festival) pics:

Melissa Fowler

David, you make a valid point about the cameras. The Beastie Boys have used fan footage to amazing effect in their newest DVD release; many creative groups are doing the same. I will check into why we don’t allow cameras – like I told you before, it’s a learning curve. Thanks for coming, anyhow! =)