Freedom to die: a solution for the anti-vaxxers

Three highly educated Black women clients of mine still aren’t vaccinated. Neither is a former Republican State Rep- or his wife, the doctor. A Black client who is a recovering addict, HIV positive and works with kids- he’s not vaccinated either (says he’s never been vaccinated against anything- for religious reasons). It’s not that these people are future Darwin award candidates (dying by natural selection) they are future burdens to society because when they do get the Delta variant (or whatever comes next) they will flood our hospitals and cost us billions more (yes, we’re all paying for health care of the stupid).

There’s a parable for the religious- it goes something like this:

The damn broke and the flood was coming. Joseph, a devout believer, was in his house when the police drove through the streets warning people to evacuate. He said, I’m a believer- God will save me- and stayed.

When the water was up to his first floor, neighbors came by in boats- and urged him to leave. He said, I’m a believer- God will save me- and stayed.

When the water drove him from his second floor onto the roof- the National Guard came by with a helicopter and offered to rescue him. He said, I’m a believer- God will save me- and stayed.

When he got to the pearly gates, he looked at St. Peter and said- “I’m a believer, why didn’t God save me?” God said, “I sent the police, neighbors and the National Guard to save you.”

Dave Granlund cartoon Anti-vaxxers denying covid 19 vaccine

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There are a lot of misinformed Americans making really stupid decisions that affect all of us (and most of them voted for Donald Trump). The first and most important thing is the vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t get sick- it’s more of a guarantee you won’t die or get sick enough to overrun the hospitals (for now- with the variants we have now).

Being vaccinated doesn’t guarantee you can’t get and spread the virus- although, for now, it cuts that probability way down.

The stupid anti-vaxxers say- “It’s not approved by the FDA. I’m holding out for when it’s fully approved.”- Look, you don’t trust the government already- who told you to get vaccinated- and yet, you’re waiting for the FDA?

Masking and distancing do work- and they don’t really impinge on your personal freedoms. Did I ever think I’d be able to walk into a bank wearing a mask carrying a concealed weapon? Thank you Covid-19. Banning masking, banning vaccination requirements- put all the rest of us at risk as this thing will continue to spread and mutate.

The reality is, stupidity should not be allowed to be infectious. It’s time to strap on some consequences to being an Anti-Vaxxer. Employers who have un-vaccinated employees should be able to fire them without having to penalize themselves with workers comp claims. Schools should be able to demand vaccinations or run segregated facilities- yep, just like we used to have “Separate but equal” in this country based on something we had no control over- skin color- but, this time based on your low IQ and non-vaccinated status.

By the same standard- airlines should be required to deny anyone who isn’t vaccinated a seat. The fact that 6 vaccinated Dems from Texas got COVID on their flight to DC should prove that airplanes are a breeding ground for virus spread.

And finally, the real kicker- if you show up at a hospital for care after a deadline- say – August 30, 2021- unvaccinated with COVID- care will be denied and you will not be able to enter. There is no reason to spend tens of thousands on your care because you were stupid. (Note- I’ve felt the same way about motorcyclists who crash without a helmet- sorry- you flunked the IQ test).

It’s time to stop playing nice with lotteries, awards, gift cards. Blood centers have been trying to get people to donate using these same tactics for years – and I guarantee most of you never gave an ounce of blood.

If we want our freedom back, it’s time to require vaccination for all, or, for you anti-vaxxers- your Darwin award awaits.

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