Follow up: or why corporate welfare by government has to stop.

Back in June we heard about a new restaurant going into the transportation center garage with heavy government subsidies:

An Asian restaurant, Sa Bai, is opening in the space that formerly housed Chin’s restaurant in the Dayton Transportation Center complex on Jefferson Street. The restaurant and lounge will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, and late on weekends…

DeLanerolle signed a five-year lease for the space. He plans to invest $250,000 on renovations.

Sa Bai, which will employ about 30 people, is scheduled to open at the end of August.

via It’s hard to compete with the Government.

It’s now October and we have no new restaurant. When you give someone something for nothing, their word usually isn’t worth much either.

I’m not bringing this up because I care if the restaurant opens or not, it’s because our government was spending time unfairly helping one small business compete with other small businesses. Government was also taking its eye off the ball- providing government services to all.

If Dayton spent all of our time on the delivery of services, including making it easier to open new small businesses, instead of pandering for new business with payola, I mean incentives, we’d be in much better shape.

I write this today, as yet another corporate welfare/payoff for promised jobs shows up in the paper today:

Select Industries, a metal forming manufacturer, is diversifying from its automotive industry base and is working to acquire business from other states, said Timothy Downs, Dayton’s deputy director of economic development….

Mary Faulkner, a Dayton senior development specialist, expects the company to request funding of $25,000 from Dayton’s development fund and $100,000 from Montgomery County’s ED/GE (Economic Development/Government Equity) fund. Downs also raised the possibility of the company seeking money — in a 50 percent grant and 50 percent loan configuration — from the city well fund.

Downs stressed that Dayton City Commission has not yet approved any funding.

via Select Industries planning expansion in Dayton.

What good is shifting tax dollars from police to “economic development” if the company has to worry about break-ins, assaults in parking lots, or employees afraid to work in a “bad neighborhood.” It’s time Dayton focuses on delivering what tax dollars are meant to provide, not assisting privately held companies strengthen their bottom line.

Public safety is for everyone. “Economic development” as practiced by Dayton is patently unfair to all the other privately held metal forming companies in Dayton. Your tax dollars shouldn’t be supporting corporations, be it Select Industries, NCR or Bank of America.

I fully understand that this practice is widespread and causing communities to compete. It’s my job, if elected to lobby to the State and Federal levels to get this practice banned. In the mean time, I’d rather let our low cost real estate, water and workforce training start doing the recruiting for us. Dayton is a great, cost effective place to do business without any government perks, let’s work to keep it that way.

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