First Dayton Bloggers Meetup- you missed it.

There were a grand total of 4 of us in attendance at Panera on Brown Street. Of course, I was partly to blame since I didn’t bother signing up or notifying anyone on this site.

Organized by Mike Robinette of, it was a small start on a big idea: how to provide a real forum and alternative to the lame Dayton Daily News “blogs”- and educate and inform the public of things we’re missing in the local coverage of drunks and car crashes which are the highlights of the DDN.

Next meeting- next month- and I promise to warn you in advance.

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20 Responses

  1. J.R. Locke August 21, 2007 / 7:50 pm
    I don’t technically live in Dayton right now but I will be moving back this winter. Let me know and I would be sure to be there schedule permitting.
  2. D. Greene August 21, 2007 / 9:03 pm
    I don’t live in Dayton, I just work in Dayton, so I didn’t feel that it applied to me directly.

    Besides, it was at Panera. Maybe Trolley Stop next time?

  3. Teri L August 21, 2007 / 9:54 pm
    I tried and failed- Blogging deadline. Really.
  4. Pizzabill August 21, 2007 / 11:17 pm
    South Park Tavern & Pizza for the next meeting: Pizzas are on me.
  5. David Esrati August 21, 2007 / 11:22 pm

    Thanks Bill- South Park Tavern and Pizza is in the former Pizza Factory Dine In location at 1301 Wayne Avenue- same great pizza- much nicer interior color scheme… and I hear there is free wi-fi.

  6. D. Greene August 22, 2007 / 1:16 am
    David: You should live blog part of the next event then, make it interactive!

    And Pizzabill – I’m going to try to check your place out for lunch tomorrow if I can remember – you need a website so that us bloggers can link to it, since I’m not finding you on Google Maps or City Search or anything.

  7. David Esrati August 22, 2007 / 6:28 am

    D. Greene-
    Not open for lunch-
    and- live blogging means I’m not as focused on the event.
    As to South Park Tavern and a website- it will happen.
    The sign still hasn’t been changed yet…
    PizzaBill works on a different schedule than most.

  8. D. Greene August 22, 2007 / 9:00 am

    Well, for what it’s worth, I can set up a simple website in 30 minutes.

  9. David Esrati August 22, 2007 / 9:24 am

    D. Greene-
    For what it’s worth- advertising on my site for your services is a bit tacky. I’m removing the link to your company. Sorry- just bad form. Setting up websites and teaching people how to use them is how I make a living.

  10. gene August 22, 2007 / 9:35 am
    David Esrati fears competition – Story at Eleven.

    I thought David Esrati made his living by modeling Ninja Hoods to our Political leaders. We will train you, David Esrati.

  11. Melissa August 22, 2007 / 9:51 am
    I didn’t realize the Pizza Factory restaurant had changed to a tavern … good to know. Saw the big OPEN sign on the other door, which I thought to be a good sign. We’ll have to stop in soon!
  12. D. Greene August 22, 2007 / 12:00 pm
    Hey David, that’s fine, you censor comments all the time. But you constantly ‘advertise’ yourself in the city, and online, whenever you comment on someone else’s blog and it links back to your site. At the end of the day, it is pretty clear that Esrati = The Next Wave, especially the way you push your websiteology product via your personal blog. Your self-promotion is only slightly more indirect.
  13. David Esrati August 22, 2007 / 1:04 pm

    Actually- I don’t censor comments very often- and they post right away. Very open. I try to keep things clean-
    you can have a link on your name back to whatever site you want to link to-
    and, yes- I promote myself and websitetology- but, I don’t do it on the competition’s site.

  14. Greg Hunter August 22, 2007 / 3:29 pm
    I will be at the next one provided I am in town. Commenting from Natchitoches, LA
  15. Jeff August 22, 2007 / 8:17 pm
    That Natchitoches site is interesting, but for some reason I thought it was founded by the Spanish, not the French?

    I always found that foreign colonial “overlay” in certain parts of the US interesting. One sees that in Mobile and Pensacola, too.

  16. Jeffrey August 22, 2007 / 8:27 pm
    Oh, yeah, the Meetup thing. I saw that Meetup link on another blog, and considered it, but I am uncomfortable meeting people in real life from the internet. I have done this twice before and it has been awkward both times. I just tend to be a real loner and am pathologically shy.

    I do wish you all luck, though, on what you are trying to do.

  17. Barbara August 23, 2007 / 7:56 am
    If it hadn’t been for competition/advertising sparring I never would have followed the link to Greene’s site. Just something to think about. (And btw Mr. Greene, LOTS of people can set up a website in 30 minutes.) -B
  18. D. Greene August 23, 2007 / 8:47 am
    Sure they can Barb, but that’s where cost and quality factor in.

    My uncle needed something put together at the last minute for an HIV conference he is hosting, and could probably set up something very rudimentary in an hour or so, but his time is worth more than that. My time is worth less, :)

    Also, after pizzabill plugged his shop on Wayne I thought it was fair game.

  19. gene August 23, 2007 / 4:40 pm
    Yes DG – but we KNOW the pizza is good! :)

    And pizza isn’t David Esrati’s strong point……………….yet! :)

  20. Brother Omi September 1, 2007 / 12:37 pm
    Man, i was in PA when this went down. i will stay on this blog for more updates. thanks

    PS I just moved here from Norfolk, VA

    but it ain’t where you from it’s where you pay rent

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