Finally, Attorney Aaron Hartley in Jail

If I wrote on social media that I wanted to put a bullet in the head of a magistrate, I guarantee you I’d be in jail by the next day.

Not so for local attorney Aaron Paul Hartley (license currently suspended), it’s been almost three years and finally, he’s in for a shortened stay for one of his other crimes, assault. Judge James Long of Kettering should never be re-elected after the way he botched this.

Hartley’s wife- and former client, is still trying to divorce him, almost 3 years later. They were married less than 10 months. In the meantime he’s milking her TriCare for all it’s worth.

It’s funny how the “justice system” in Montgomery County takes care of its own. From prosecutors getting raises while under investigation for rape, and prosecutors (now judges) husbands embezzlement of public funds just seem to be glossed over.

Thankfully, our Montgomery County jail isn’t the safest place for people (4 deaths so far this year), so maybe Mr. Hartley will get some special treatment from his fellow felons.

Kettering Attorney (suspended license) Aaron Paul Hartley, in his new mug shot- to try to disguise himself online. He assaults women, has sex with clients, makes sleeping with him a condition of employment. The beard and the hair can change- but, he'll always be a jerk.
Aaron Paul Hartley thinks growing a beard and his hair long for his mugshot in 2023 may help him go hide his real story later in life. Same guy. Same suspended law license.

Aaron Hartley has had more than his 15 minutes of fame on this site. The only other newsworthy thing will be when his license is revoked and he’ll never practice his form of law again (you know the one, where you have sex with clients, and make sexual service a requirement for employment by a young attorney).

Our courts operate way too slowly- with way too much good ole boy club mentality. Why his wife, a military officer, should still be awaiting her divorce from this criminal is a crime. Maybe, it’s time to make a change in the way we elect judges, where if they are unopposed, that’s their last term. No more friends and family lifetime appointments.

Or better yet, let’s start putting some of them in jail with Aaron for failure to do their jobs.

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