Expect a free for all for Dayton City Commission this year

After getting coddled through his term, Dean Lovelace will finish his two plus decades of doing next to nothing on the Dayton City Commission. A purported idealist, with a good heart and some good ideas that were way beyond his pay grade, Lovelace didn’t do much to change Dayton – but did build his retirement fund.

Misguided efforts included the predatory lending issue (bought out by the banks at the state level) and the living wage bill (only applied to city employees and contracts- so minimal). For 22 years on the Commission, that’s not a lot to hang your hat on.

The City Charter clearly says that if you miss more than 5 meetings in a row- it’s time to go. His time to go was after his first stroke. He’s contributed next to nothing since- at times, saying things that would make you wonder if he was all there.

The Dem’s have their golden boy already picked. He’s been sending letters to members of the central committee asking for support and his endorsement- on letterhead he had printed for the last commission election- the one where he withdrew so last golden boy, Jeff Mims could take his anointed seat. If anyone can point out what legislation Mims has introduced, or positions he’s taken other than saying “yes, mam” to the Queen of our city, her royal highness, her nannyness, Mayor Whaley, please feel free to share.

Expect to hear lots about what Matt Joseph has introduced in the coming months- all of it, fed to him by others including the future Clerk of Courts- his brother, the political braintrust of the Democratic party, Russ Joseph who works for Mark Owens, our current Dayton clerk of courts.

The already picked but not voted on by the “selection committee of the Montgomery County Democratic Party” that doesn’t believe in the democratic process of primaries- is the Rev. Darryl Fairchild. Part of the reason the commission had no problem spending money making the dais wheelchair accessible for Dean after his stroke- was because Darryl would need it.

Tommy Owens for Dayton City Commission

From Facebook

Other candidates in the mix, are social media man of the hour on the West Side, Tommy Owens, who is surveying his friends on FB. David K. Greer who ran last time, and a host of others. The Montgomery County Board of Elections has the following list of candidates

Matt Joseph, sitting commissioner.


Marcus Rech–  contacted me and will not be filing for personal reasons

Hazel Rountree who is on the School Board. Recently elected, she’d have to resign from the school board to be on city commission as far as I know. She’s a PhD who works at Wright State.

Chris Shaw- no idea.

Scott Sliver whom I’ve known for 25 years plus. He’s a touchy-feely progressive minister at the Vineyard church who loves to feed poor people. He gave up his career in advertising to serve the lord- and just recently moved from a big house in Beavercreek to downtown. This sets up a battle of the men of the cloth.

The signatures aren’t due until 60 days before the election which is May 5th 2015, making the turn in around Mar. 5th.

The un-Democratic party is going to have its endorsement meeting next week. The question is, who was invited? I’m on the Executive Committee of the party- and I wasn’t aware of invites.

I’m debating running right now. Getting signatures isn’t a lot of fun- which is why Greer has been getting them since the fall. I’ve just been given a few more years with my father- thanks to the VA doing an amazing surgery, and he’d prefer it if I didn’t run. I’ve got enough to do, making sure our kids have basketball nets- a job, at least some people appreciate, and I have a business to run and a wonderful girlfriend to spend my evenings with.

If I saw $2,500 come into my campaign fund- in the next 30 days, it would sway me to run, but if it doesn’t make it to that- at least I’ll have plenty of money for nets, rims, paint, and some t-shirts and balls to give the kids. Donation is on the right of this page.

Gary Leitzell has told me he won’t run for city commission, mostly because working with Nan is next to impossible. Finding someone to question her, and others on our commission in their continued march to mediocrity should be on the minds of all Dayton voters. How many dollars can we spend on failed or misguided “economic development” while ignoring basic services. I can literally ice skate on Bonner Street right now.

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Sounds like you have your priorities in order, David. Indeed, this is the time to spend with family and your lovely girlfriend, instead of wading back into what sounds like a colossal clusterduck of a primary.

blubber blog

If you are ‘on the Executive Committee of the party- and … wasn’t aware of invites’ you are part of the problem? I appreciate your expose here and telling-it-like-it-is, but that does NOT solve the problem. I find it hard to believe in a city the size of Dayton ahtat this cronyism continues; let’s hope a new City Manager makes a difference. I doubt it too.

So continue your crusade and do not run. Spend time with your family, your girlfriend and your business. Keep up the good fight.


To David, above:
The cronyism problem is all encompassing in this town of clowns. To examine what goes on and how it is allowed to perpetuate, it must be taken in without the filter of fairness and a good heart. It requires embracing disbelief & feeling very uncomfortable, because as a good person, it is hard to recognize the local corruption as well as unqualified & undeserving individuals walking off with the top positions, $$$ and protection. It is through the very actions of cronyism that most Dayton institutions do “business”–just look through Esrati’s previous posts for prime examples. I had the same questions when we 1st moved here. I found it near impossible to believe that the cronyism was the rule of law until I witnessed it 1st hand, particularly under the hand of a much younger Whale. The cronyism stretches throughout the entire Miami Valley region to involve not only Dayton & Montgomery County politics, but higher education & its administrators, hospital administration, businesses and so on. These institutions are studded w/unqualified cronies that take care of each other, looking legitimate to those unaware.
Esrati: do take time w/your family instead of saving what cannot be saved.
Un pour tous!


Whoops! Bob not David. sorry


I think you’re being a bit tough on Dean Lovelace. Dean managed to continue to chase skirts and stir the funk of racism.

I have no idea why anyone would want to hang with these bunch of self serving slugs.

Dave C.
Dave C.

How about a bit more positive slant on Lovelace? You describe his as doing “next to nothing” but you could have just as easily described him as “almost doing something” over the past 20 years.

Come on, Dave….is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Dave C.
Dave C.

Think of him as the “Dean” of Dayton skirt-chasers……

Dave C.
Dave C.

“Dean Lovelace” kinda works as a porn star name.

new government
new government

This blog remains here for a reason, giving readers a message, telling it like it is without the fancy read and deception, diversions, or ruining someones name with defamation like it is in other media platforms. Where else can you find real stories and truth? Well if you can answer it is right here with this blog and thread and know why if your here on this site. Reasons mentioned here in these blogs like bismark and others with brilliant comment and reading.
Most know already if you read this blog the individuals running the show do what they wish to do receiving huge compensation for very little or no work or diluted with the believe that they are the anointed ones that can not be questioned. We need to question all that has occurred over the many years in this town and if this cycle by some miracle breaks it just might united us and the rest of the country. The taxpayers deserve better but most well just let things go on as they have been. It all boils down to this: A town, city, municipality, whole states, the nation as a whole better wake up as these places are only good as the individuals the citizens that vote and can being ourselves are the government that change it or keep things the same or let it slide. It will take all of us not just one or a few individuals. Thank you Dave for the intelligent read on these blogs as a beacon of light that shines bright everyday.


Do you know if Lieberman and Dodge are running in 16′? What is Whaley’s future plans in 16′ or 17′ if you know?


Would she try for County Commissioner to replace Dodge possibly? Strahorn has state rep and Beagle has state senate, Turner has US House of Reps. So County Commissioner in 2016? and if she loses Mayor again in 17′?

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

Just curious – where did you hear that Turner wasn’t running again? Why wouldn’t he run? Has he made enough money in that office?

Any word on any R’s that would run to take his seat? Is that why Steve Austria didn’t run back in ’12?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Whaley run for Congress, sooner rather than later. I caught a few minutes of her on “WHIO Reports” a week or so ago. She’s pretty full of herself – even more so than Turner.


My guess as an R would be that if Turner does not run then if Austria wants to he will. I am deciding whether I will run for a County Commission seat in 16′ I might take on Dodge. I will make my final decision in the next 2-6 months or so. Of course you always have to plan ahead for political “battle”. I would run on a platform of cleaning up the county government and getting rid of nepotism. Also, part of the first point would be accountability, and fiscal responsibility. Secondly, a 21st century Montgomery County where we can move into the 21st century instead of being stuck in the 20th century mentality. Finally, veterans issues are very important to me.


Thanks, David. Sorry for being a little immature about Rham Emanuel several months back. I was trying to loosen up and have some fun. I have not had my “political mind” on for about 2 years or so. I have been in historical analysis mode for almost two years. It would take at least 100 K to be competitive.

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

Interesting article page A9 DDN today.


Is Sliver affiliated with a party?