Everybody PK Thursday night

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PK Dayton 33 poster by Matt Kish

TEDx 5 happend last Friday. After 4 years of listening to highly produced, filter on, politically correct drivel for $50 a head, I didn’t buy a ticket. Friends tell me it was better this time. I couldn’t stand another day off work to listen to people start their presentation with “I”- and go on for 10-18 minutes talking about themselves.

On the flipside, this Thursday, you can go to an event about stories and ideas that costs NOTHING to get in, allows and encourages audience participation, and sometimes has free beer (depending on if the venue has a liquor license or not- this time, the venue does- so you have to pay).

Pecha Kucha is structured. 20 slides, 20 seconds each. The slides advance, even if the speaker doesn’t. The best presentations run like clockwork, with images supporting the narrative, and can be on any subject. Sometimes, the organizers try to plan a theme- as they will with this one, here’s their invite:

7:30pm, Thursday, October 26.
Let’s celebrate this hallowed time of year with our 33rd set of intense but transient 20x20s. Top of the Market, 32 Webster Street. There will be beer. Free to attend. Kind donations and spirits welcome.

Ancient rituals to celebrate the dead have meaning today. We love to dress, parade, feast, prank, remember past loves and tell stories in the dark. Like life, a 20×20 is fleeting, lasting a mere 400 seconds. Emcee Juliet Fromholt will be with us in the flesh to introduce these presenters:
Mary Sanders – Observing Halloween
Carolyn Bohner – Every Recipe in the Book
Angelina Hoschouer – Dayton’s Notorious Dead
Casey Moninghoff – Fermentation is our Friend
Tim Waggoner – The Art of the Horror Story
Justin Risner – The Late Great Dayton Triangles
Joy Levett – Festivals that Honor the Spirits
Tony Kroeger – Haunted Dayton
…others may walk among us…

The team that has brought you this exchange of ideas for the last 32 quarterly events was 100% South Park peeps- but, alas, two, Jill Davis and Matt Sauer are handing off their duties after this event. One of the new organizers, Katy Kelly used to live in South Park, so it sort of is still a SP thing.

If you still haven’t been to a PK night, what’s holding you back?

Why pay to hear ideas worth sharing, when you can get them for free?


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