substance or shocking? Weigh in.

Came across this on “For the love of Dayton”- I didn’t even merit a link:

I haven’t read Esrati for awhile since he seems to be nothing more than a Daytonian’s attempt at being the city’s enfant terrible.

Blogroll etc. « For The Love Of Dayton.

And for a definition of “enfant terrible”

“One whose startlingly unconventional behavior, work, or thought embarrasses or disturbs others:”


“a person whose work, thought, or lifestyle is so unconventional or avant-garde as to appear revolutionary or shocking.”

If we think loving Dayton means accepting the status quo, me thinks, we’re in deep trouble. If I’ve embarrassed or disturbed any of you- it wasn’t my intent.

Stimulating thought, discussion and sharing insight from a well established network of sources used to be something a local newspaper did. Unfortunately- we have the Dayton Daily News which is working toward making USAToday look like the New York Times.

Since running for Congress, I’ve tried to post daily. There aren’t too many original content solo sites in Dayton doing this. The numbers say it’s working- more people are reading (and a few more are discussing), so, if you like this site and the enfant terrible of Dayton, please take a moment to send an e-mail to your friends and tell them about it.


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