substance or shocking? Weigh in.

Came across this on “For the love of Dayton”- I didn’t even merit a link:

I haven’t read Esrati for awhile since he seems to be nothing more than a Daytonian’s attempt at being the city’s enfant terrible.

Blogroll etc. « For The Love Of Dayton.

And for a definition of “enfant terrible”

“One whose startlingly unconventional behavior, work, or thought embarrasses or disturbs others:”


“a person whose work, thought, or lifestyle is so unconventional or avant-garde as to appear revolutionary or shocking.”

If we think loving Dayton means accepting the status quo, me thinks, we’re in deep trouble. If I’ve embarrassed or disturbed any of you- it wasn’t my intent.

Stimulating thought, discussion and sharing insight from a well established network of sources used to be something a local newspaper did. Unfortunately- we have the Dayton Daily News which is working toward making USAToday look like the New York Times.

Since running for Congress, I’ve tried to post daily. There aren’t too many original content solo sites in Dayton doing this. The numbers say it’s working- more people are reading (and a few more are discussing), so, if you like this site and the enfant terrible of Dayton, please take a moment to send an e-mail to your friends and tell them about it.


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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Why worry about Michael as this is one of his comments.


Michael // November 1, 2008 at 1: 05 am

First, like I said in a previous post, comments are ON but they must be approved first. Thanks for your comment.

Obama is an authoritarian. He’s a charismatic demagogue. He might be a nice guy to his friends and his family, but then again so was Hitler.

America is not a nation of crowds like Venezuela, Egypt, or Iran. We are a nation of individuals who keep our identities regardless of the policies we support.

I mean read that comment and try to parse whether the guy is worthy of consideration.

David Lauri

For what it’s worth, I enjoy reading your posts, and I think many of your ideas are sensible.


Like many, I read your blog everyday. Keep up the conversation – it is valuable. “For The Love of Dayton” – not as much. If you are “nothing more than a Daytonian’s attempt at being the city’s enfant terrible”, then he is nothing more than a clueless wingnut.

Bruce Kettelle

David I don’t think you need to ask us for our approval. As you stated the proof is in your visitor traffic.

I still visit FTLOD despite his seemingly new focus on conservative party politics. He runs in different circles and adds another perspective.


Sounds like somebody’s jealous.

I’m with Greg and Bill…consider the source.

This blog is your forum. You can do anything you want with it. No one else gets a vote.

You’ve got a loyal following and it’s growing—so you must be doing something right.

It takes a lot of guts to go on record every day. When you post your ideas and opinions, there’s always a risk that they’ll come back to bite you in the butt. I’m sure there have been times when has contributed to certain misperceptions about you. But most of us “get” what you’re trying to do and we respect it. Keep up the good work.

PS: I’d congratulate you on scooping the DDN so often, but honestly, how hard can it be? ;-)


“I still visit FTLOD despite his seemingly new focus on conservative party politics. He runs in different circles and adds another perspective.”

I think FLOTD was always somewhat to the right though it became quite clear during the recent political season when he moved to outright partisan discussion.

He is a rare conservative as he has a pro-urban POV and actually is somewhat positive about Dayton and vicinity.


Who cares if he is to the right? David is to the left, such is life.

One thing I hate is that the left thinks its voice and only its voice should be heard. They never want to hear from the right and quite honestly want to ban the right to speak. It is and always has been the most ironic thing in regards to politics.

And most conservative have a very positive outlook regarding Urban life, Dayton included. The argument is one that focuses on HOW to do it/change. Again, typical liberal spew can’t comprehend basic conservative thought.

Conservatives/the right donate more money to charity, more time to charity than the left does. (BTW liberals make more money as well) Yet the left is seen as compassionate – my ass they are.


Another good urban affairs forum for Dayton topics is Dayton MostMetro. They are actually trying to do some netroots activsm on Husted’s suggestion to re-direct money from BPV to that hockey arena at Austin Road.


The last two posts I’ve posted have been removed…one because the auto spam filter found words that it did not like and most recently just removed…don’t need an explanation or reason…the DDN doesn’t…PS I was glad to see your stats, however it’s returning visititors Ahh screw it…No use finishing my thought or post…visiting less and less