to shut down, Esrati to work for Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily News Editor in Chief,  Jana Collier, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: get paid to investigate local political backroom deals. Starting today, I’ll be the new editor for the special investigative MetroGov desk. Collier said it was becoming obvious that most of her reporters were depending on for leads on stories, going back years. “If you can’t beat’em, join’em” was the philosophical reason David Esrati agreed to the multi-year contract. “Although I was beating them on the stories, I couldn’t dedicate the time it takes to fully expose the graft, corruption and nepotism that I’ve been exposing since 2005 on” said Esrati, 50, who is also a candidate for Dayton City Commission.

Details are still being worked out on what to do about his Commission race.

Since no journalist has ever also worked for the people he’s investigating, although, Publisher Julia Wallace has blazed new journalistic trails by sitting on the Dayton Development Coalition board, Esrati may have to drop out of his commission race. Luckily, since the Dayton City Commission petitions provide for a nominating committee, he is going to accept applications from potential candidates to run in his place. So far, only William Pace has expressed interest. Other possible candidates are the dozen or so candidates who were denied an opportunity on the ballot due to the Board of Elections finding faulty with more than half the candidates petitions.

In other breaking news the UAW CAP Council has endorsed the Montgomery County Democratic Party candidates, Joey Williams and Jeff Mims. Esrati knew he was in trouble when he talked about the nepotism in local government, and one of the council told him that Esrati knew his daughter who worked in the Board of Elections.

Esrati is not shutting down his ad agency The Next Wave. As part of the negotiated deal, since he won’t have to spend the time on the campaign or unpaid time writing his popular blog, he will still be able to put in the same amount of hours he does now- and do both.



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