Esrati and Leitzel endorsed “For the love of Dayton”

It’s not the AFL-CIO or big money- but by “For the Love of Dayton”

I support David Esrati for Dayton City Commission and Gary Leitzell for Dayton Mayor.

Esrati has a great site and would do a helluva job cleaning up the bureaucracy/redundancy/opaque closed door politics of the city. Esrati ‘gets it’ and would bring the city government well into the 21st century if YOU give him your support. He also has passion for the city and its people. Just read “Unforgiveable” and “The Mystery of 10 N. Williams Street” to get a feel for his astute mind.

Gary would make a fabulous mayor and I pray the people of Dayton give him that chance. Check out and to learn more and contribute to him!

via Dayton Needs Leitzell and Esrati « For the Love of Dayton.

It’s not my only blog endorsement- you can read this in depth endorsement by Larkin Vonalt who has been nominated for  two Pulitzer prizes: The Thinking Man

Everyone of these endorsements adds up. If you have a site- consider adding a link to my donation page. I’m going to need volunteers to walk and distribute literature. I have my first literature in- and you can carry it in your shirt pocket- so stop by 100 Bonner Street and pick some up.

Thanks FTLOD!

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If still had a blog I wouldn’t endorse you or any other candidate since I don’t live or work in Dayon. It’s not my place to kibbitz in Datyon politics.  When you ran for Congress that was different.
FLOTD is or was run by some Oakwood right winger, who’s consevative politics and hostility to progessivism the Democrats has become quite obvious over time, especially at DaytonMostMetro during the Presidential election.   It’s also obvious he is not above meddling in Dayton city politics via this endorsement.
Larkin’s endorsement is the more valid  one, since she not only lives in the city but in the struggling Dayton View area and send her kids to DPS.  Her words carry weight.  FLTD’s don’t.


Aw, shucks. You guys. 
I don’t always agree with David Esrati, but I do believe that his head and heart are in the right place; I recognize that he is not beholden to any special interest group, and I know he would be an excellent public servant working for the benefit of the people of Dayton. 
I couldn’t say that about any other candidate. 


Just to clarify, the blogger at FTLOD that Jeff mentioned above relinquished the site in January. It’s now manned by Seth, a a UD grad who got involved in urban issues via UD’s Fitz Center and also the Rivers Institute. He’s quite passionate about Dayton and its success. I don’t know if he’s a Dayton resident or not.


David, I thought I’d chime in now that the election is over.  Sorry the endorsement didn’t push you over the top this time, maybe next election. 

Matt, thanks for clarifying.  As for FTLOD, it is under my full control now with a couple guest contributors (mostly friends of mine from the Fitz Center/Rivers Institute at UD).  I don’t post as much as Michael did but he was a friend and I can’t speak to his politics other than he agreed with Esrati that closed-room politics and zombie-like voters always leads to trouble (regardless of political ideology).

Anyway, sorry to see Daytonology is down for the count.  Keep it up here at David, you’re having a positive effect on the city and the region, slowly but surely.