Elect Esrati needs your help- now!

Alright, it’s time to get this campaign in high gear.

I want each of you to draft an e-mail that is short, yet convincing that you would send to your entire address book that would ask people to take a look at my candidacy.

BUT DON’T SEND IT. Post it in the comments- and we’ll select the best- or synthesize one from your suggestions.

What would you say to your friend to convince them to:

  • look at my site
  • look at my first YouTube spot
  • donate a small amount to the campaign
  • forward the message to their friends too.

Timer has started, open your test booklets, and start writing. You have 24 hours.

Thank you.

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Are you trying to get people to do FREE work for you? I have already told many people about you and your site, and there are some things they like. I think YOU should put together a message to why people should visit your site, and each individual will piggy back an endorsement to their friends/family/associates as pertains to each individual – same idea but it comes from you.

David Esrati
David Esrati

It’s called VOLUNTEERING Gene.
And I also asked here: http://esrati.com/?p=501
I’ve seen a draft of one letter so far- they will post when ready.
We’re working on this ’round the clock.

This Is what I’m sending out to my contacts. I know it’s long, but I think it’s fair and accurate. And I wrote it for FREE. :-) Friends: I am sending you this letter because I know that we are politically and socially like-minded, and I thought you might be interested in learning more about one of our Democratic candidates for Congress, David Esrati. I’ve known David for several years. He’s a good friend and a member of my inner circle. Because he’s one of the people that I know best and trust most, I’m confident that I can offer a reliable and informed opinion about his character and his abilities. When I first met David, the two things that impressed me most were his uncompromising honesty and his commitment to living by his principles. With David, what you see is what you get. There is never any pretense or hidden agenda. David is an idealist. He lives his life and runs his company as models of the way he thinks the world should work. Anyone who is curious about what David’s convictions are, and why they’re so strong, should read his father’s book, Dear Son, Do You Really Want to Be an American? It explains the ideas and values that David’s parents instilled in him. It’s available at http://www.esrati.com/dearson David takes his responsibilities as citizen, employer, friend, and neighbor very seriously. He proudly served his country as a member of the US Army Special Forces, then settled in Dayton, where he has been active in improving and promoting the city in general, and his neighborhood in particular, for over 20 years. Through his advertising agency, The Next Wave, he has provided career opportunities to many young people with limited skills and experience, often paying them more than he has paid himself. He has mentored his employees and helped them develop professionally, producing award-winning work for his clients in the process. As a friend, David has always been kind and generous. He has never given me bad advice and he has never let me down. David has an amazing gift… Read more »