Elect Esrati funds raised so far

Below is my list of donors to date. I had $202 left from the congressional in the bank account.

I’ve spent about $500 on hosting and setting up the backend for the web campaign.

My treasurer is going to get Rhine and Nan’s reports- so we can manually enter them and post, just to make sure we know who’s buying whom. Good luck at having them post.

Although I too need donations, by my owning a server, a video production company, and being able to create my own print pieces- I need less money than other candidates.  If you do have $25 or $50 to put toward my effort- or even a bit more,  sorry but I won’t be beholden to you, but I promise your contribution will be used effectively.  What I need now more than money is volunteers to knock on doors and drop literature- so please sign up to volunteer on the right.
And volunteering is important on several levels.

At some point most of us stopped being involved in our government and thought it would be enough to write a check instead of participating.

So tell your friends, and ask them to help you help my campaign.  We can’t change everything with two new faces, but with Leitzell & Esrati on the Commission, we’ll see a move toward consolidation/ end of / duplication of services in the region- and will start to see a new, stronger Dayton emerge. I also encourage you to contribute to Gary’s campaign.  He has an organization to feed and equip, and I think he is also above taking large campaign contributions from people who may want to do business with the city.
Help me help you and Dayton.  Thank you.

Date Name Gross Fee Net Address Line 1 City State Zip
7/31/09 Shelia Owens 20 -0.88 19.12 510 Troy St Dayton OH 45404
7/15/09 Terese A. Schoch 30 30 2201 East First St Dayton OH 45401
7/10/09 John E Hyer Jr 20 -0.88 19.12 1027 Holly Ave. Dayton OH 45410
7/4/09 teresa white 75 -2.48 72.52 2053 Heritage Point Dr Dayton OH 45409
6/9/09 Scott Shaw 25 -1.03 23.97 2920 252nd AveSE Sammamish WA 98075
6/9/09 Valerie Buedel 20 -0.88 19.12 1010 Huffman Avenue Dayton OH 45403
6/8/09 John Ise 20 -0.88 19.12 11389 N.E. 8th Ave Biscayne Park FL 33161
6/4/09 Moshe Oren 5 -0.45 4.55 901 Riverside Dr Dayton OH 45405
6/4/09 Marianne Stanley 25 -1.03 23.97 901 Riverside Drive Dayton OH 45405
6/4/09 Marianne Stanley 5 -0.45 4.55 901 Riverside Drive Dayton OH 45405
6/2/09 Ryan P Lynch 50 -1.75 48.25 2972 Oakland Avenue Kettering OH 45409
5/27/09 Lee Schear 500 500 Harman Ave Oakwood OH 45419
5/11/09 Mike Robinette 100 -3.2 96.8 2976B Austin Springs Blvd Miamisburg OH 45342
5/10/09 Bruce Anderson 25 -1.03 23.97 434 Corona Ave Dayton OH 45419
4/5/09 Greg Hunter 50 -1.75 48.25 2512 Hackney Dr. Dayton OH 45420
4/2/09 MARYAGNES MIKALAUSKAS 20 -0.88 19.12 224 RITA BLVD DAYTON OH 45404
3/30/09 Charles Weir 5 -0.45 4.55 2115 Far Hills Avenue Dayton OH 45419
3/16/09 Charles Russo 25 -1.03 23.97 359 Claranna Ave Dayton OH 45419
1/1/09 Beginning balance 202.76 202.76
Total 1203.71
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