Economic Development Grand Master

Dr. Percy MackWe’ve decided to give the honorary title of “Economic Development Grand Master” to the only person who has shown true achievement in changing the economic fortunes of the City of Dayton to Dr. Percy Mack.

Paid less than Joe Tuss at the County, and almost half of what Maureen Pero at the Downtown Dayton partnership gets, Dr. Mack has taken the Dayton Public Schools out of “Academic Emergency” two levels up to “Continuous Improvement.”

If you are looking at why people have left the city- or why they are cautious to return, the number one reason is the schools. Those days are soon to be over. With new buildings coming online, charter schools not meeting standards, and a few standout conversion schools and the amazing Stivers School of the Arts, Dayton Public Schools is on it’s way to be a reason to live in Dayton again.

Kudos’ to Dr. Mack and all the professional teachers in the Dayton Public Schools.

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