Accountability pays off…

First off, I love this site-, every business day, they give away 20 some copies of the latest business book. I’ve won a few times, but more importantly, I go everyday to see what books are the new hot thing- and the description of this book- “The Triple Bottom Line” is worth reading, esp. in Dayton today- as I’ll explain below:
InBubbleWrap: Three-Headed Profit Monsters

There’s a reason our current times are being referred to as “The Age of Accountability.” We are fed up with the old crotchety rich dude milking us for every penny while destroying the neighborhoods we live in and the air we breath. We’re tired of being laid off because our companies refuse to see the big picture, all while CEO’s are getting hundred million dollar payouts for NOT doing a good job. (A little side story – to demonstrate how much money these mucky mucks are getting, when the small townspeople of St. Cloud recently won the lottery of a couple hundred million dollars, it was figured out that the amount could pay the average worker making $40,000 a year for OVER 5000 YEARS.) We are letting our voices be heard, and couple that with companies going belly up because they didn’t see the long term implications of bad social and environmental decision, and things are bound to head in positive direction.

This is important in Dayton today- because, after sucking up tax breaks, cutting employment, and running afoul of the government for tax filiings- Reynolds and Reynolds is about to cash out- at least the top muckity-mucks are.

Finbar O’Neill, President and CEO for just a few years- stands to make 9 million and Richard H. Grant III could end up with 36 million. How far does 45 million go in paying people who were laid off in the last year? Do you think that these two men will invest it back into the area? Create new jobs? Give money back to the community that has supported them through thick and thin?

It’s doubtful that the transplanned O’Neill would have any reason to invest in Dayton- I hope I’m wrong. As for Grant- we will see.

What do you think? Did you know about In Bubble Wrap before?

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