Dumb politicians prefer dumb cops

Since we get politicians for life, with no chance of recall or petitioning for the sake of changing our charter, we are also doomed to have stupid police officers in the name of integrating our security forces.

It’s also causing Dayton Ohio to become the laughing stock of the country.

From the Dayton Daily:

The city’s Civil Service Board and the U.S. Department of Justice have agreed on a lower passing score for the police recruit exam after it was rejected because not enough blacks passed the exam.

The city lowered both written exams a combined 15 points that resulted in 258 more people passing the exam, according to a statement released Thursday by Civil Service officials. The agreement allows the city to immediately resume its plans to hire police and firefighters.

The original passing scores determined by Civil Service required candidates to answer 57 of 86 (66 percent) questions correctly on one portion and 73 of 102 (72 percent) on the other. The lowered benchmark requires candidates to answer 50 of 86 (58 percent) questions correctly and 64 of 102 (63 percent) of questions on the other.

A total of 748 people passed the exam under the new benchmarks. It is unclear the demographics of those who passed.

via City agrees to lower test scores for police exam.

We’ve been struggling with how to hire recruits that reflect our racial makeup for years. It has been a centerpiece of Dean Lovelace’s tenure on the City Commission. Lovelace has cost the city millions in fines from the Department of Justice and legal fees, yet, now the solution involves accepting candidates who score 58% correct- a solid F grade by any standard.

Maybe Dayton should start testing candidates instead of police recruits and at least require a C grade, between Lovelace and Matt Joseph you have two commissioners who haven’t accomplished anything of note in their multiple terms on the commission. Every piece of legislation that Lovelace has been credited for has been a huge failure – with the state stepping in on his predatory lending legislation, the living wage laws are toothless, his no vote on equal rights legislation – need I go on?

The simple solution is to allow the Dayton police and fire departments to hire from other departments- hiring trained, experienced officers.

Cleveland, Detroit, Newark NJ have all had mass layoffs of experience, diverse police officers over the last 3 years- giving us a much faster, more cost-efficient way to fill our vacancies and get a diverse department.

Unfortunately- our dumb politicians are unable to think outside of the very simple box.

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