Dr. Benjamin Carson Sr. – a speech worth hearing

When my friend Shannon Z. tagged me with a 26-minute speech on Facebook I thought, oh, no, not another right-wing rant. This was at the National Prayer Breakfast, Feb. 7, 2013 (yesterday). The President, the first lady and Vice President were all on the dais. If they had the time to listen, why shouldn’t I. And, while Dr. Benjamin Carson Sr. started out with standard preacher speech fare, talking about parables, he quickly moved on to ideas about why America isn’t quite the America we want it to be.

I didn’t watch- I just ran it in the background while working, and when it comes to speech making, this neurosurgeon has a gift.

His take on “political correctness” is absolutely dead on, and that’s just his lead. I don’t agree with everything he says- but, I do agree we need to be respectful of those whom we don’t agree with as well as be willing to discuss important issues.

We’ve seen too many politically correct political campaigns where we refuse to talk about compromise or about all the issues that aren’t as “sexy” or “charged” but do make a difference.

Take a listen. And thank Shannon Z..

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Marla G

I want to meet his mother!