Do you know me? I’m missing my home?

I want to go home. Will you help me?

I want to go home. Will you help me?

ShortWestRick– the heart of Riverview- sent this e-mail. Let’s find this girl her home. And, please, remember to have both a license and a tag with your name and number on it.

Just a note to let everyone know that we found a very nice dog yesterday afternoon (Tuesday). She’s not from around this neighborhood. (Riverview) Her photo is attached here. She is black and white (longish hair, though it is a bit thin on the hindquarters– a flea allergy I think) probably no more than 18 months old, wearing a black nylon collar with a City of Dayton tag that she had chewed to the point that it was illegible. She could be a Border Collie cross. She is about 20 inches tall, weighs approximately 35 lbs. She was hanging around the corner of Middle and Riverview. She has a very sweet and winning personality. I was at a real loss about what to do with her, and finally decided that if her owners are looking for her, they are most likely to try the animal shelter. But because her tag is not traceable, they will only keep her on stray hold for three days before she is up for adoption. If this is your dog or if you know where this dog belongs, there’s only tomorrow and Friday left to reclaim her. (She is not at any risk for euthanasia, as they only euthanize over temperament issues– and I can tell you this little girl had a rock solid personality.) A very, very sweet girl.

Let’s find her home.

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David, call me if needed.  I have a co-worker who runs a rescue.   Barb


(email might be faster actually)


I passed your email on to a neighbor on Hickory who might be interested. FYI.

Teri Lussier

For future reference, there is a service called Lost and Pound, which tries to connect owners and lost animals. The very cool thing about this is that when you list a pet as missing or found, a Lost Pet Alert is sent:

Upon entering this information, a LOST PET ALERT is sent immediately via email to a combination of participating veterinarians, animal shelters, police stations, media outlets, pet service companies and “neighborhood watch volunteers” within a 45-mile radius of where your pet was lost.

Putting the power of the internet to work.