Dead people donate to Mayor McLin

Just noticed that:


CHECK -> $50.00

is listed as a donor for Rhine McLin

Rhine_McLin_Campaign09.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Date of 5-14-09

Selma was the wife of Walter Ohlmann, of Penny Ohlmann Neiman, the ad agency that did the Dayton Originals campaign.

She died- according to the Dayton Daily News, in Feb of 09.

It’s good to know you can research things like this on but not on the Board of Elections website.

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Drexel Dave Sparks

50k from a stiff?
Like the old Chef Boyardee commericals used to say, “Nowthatsa’ scandal!”


Interesting to see Lucas Liakos of Planet Earth Entertainment on the list. If ‘google’ is correct, he is the owner/operator of Diamonds Cabaret, the adult “gentlemens” club in Centerville. I wonder if he is planning on bringing his business to Dayton?


He owns Club Masque in DT Dayton, so he has an interest in Dayton.


That makes more sense, thanks for the info Gene.

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

Rhine must be one hell of a mortician if the bodies she embalms are preserved well enough that they can write checks 3 months post-mortem.


Is it Willard or William Pardue? I thought it was William.

just a local business owner
just a local business owner

Why make that a big deal? I wish you’d not be so negative or critical. I know you have a lot to offer but you make your points with playing up small wrongs. You seem arrogant, and just plain mean. It turns out the whole terrible donation fraud is about a small signature error…not a crime. Sorry if my comment is not nice. I’m just a normal person wishing you were more…human. And that you are trying to produce some hopeful solutions, not just pointing out what others do.


well, this does seem small. And, it was obvious to me before you clarified the signature that it could have easily been a mistake. I would have waited for more evidence first, and just pointed it out as something to look into, versus proof of a crime, or dirty character. Personally,

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

I understand $50 seems like a lot for a candidate that can’t even raise enough money to have to file a report, but big whoop-de-do David. So the treasurer picked the wrong name off the check to attribute the contribution to— maybe the signature was illegible so they just picked one–who knows, and who cares?? Glad you’re spending your valuable campaign time so effectively. Find anything on your good friend Joey D. William’s report? Oh that’s right the economy is bad, he didn’t file one either. Is that your excuse too David?

larry sizer
larry sizer

Stay on their case David, no one else is.