DDN wants to be MySpace? Same for Oregon District? Portal madness comes to Dayton

Everyone wants to launch a portal this week it seems, but the Dayton Daily News effort, www.meetFred.com is so out of character it almost gives me a belly laugh.

I haven’t turned on the TV this week, or the radio (much like many of the kids who may be the target market) – but learning about the site on the front page of the DDN as a bottom of the page banner ad means someone really isn’t thinking.

According to Cox, “Fred” stands for “Friends, relatives, events, discussion” – all the things people now do on MySpace, Facebook, Tribe, CraigsList etc. The question is why would they want to do it on the DDN sponsored site.
This may be not much more than a standard install of Drupal- haven’t had time to check the code.

The other portal, OregonDistrict.com launched officially today too. This portal is a community built around the Oregon District- an odd idea for such a small area. We’ll see how well the business owners contribute to the site- because without constant new content- it will get old quick.
And with dayton.mostmetro.com opening last week- it’s as if someone put portal potion in the water supply.

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