Dayton Legal Blank is getting voted off the island

Heard today from one of my vendors that Dayton Legal Blank sent letters saying they closed the doors Feb 11, 2013.

From their website:

DLB is a nationally renowned elections company and commercial printing company, founded in 1883 and located in the Dayton, Ohio Metro area. Today, DLB serves customers throughout Ohio and numerous other states, representing Elections, Government, Commercial Printing, Mail Fulfillment, and Database Marketing.

DLB is a nationally renowned provider of government election services, ballot printing and election products, providing outstanding quality and exemplary customer service. Dayton Legal Blank has been delivering state-of-the-art commercial and government printing services and products throughout Ohio and the nation for over 125 years. DLB, at the same time has served the Dayton Metro area and state of Ohio by providing high quality commercial printing and book restoration and binding. More recently DLB added variable image high quality digital printing, mail fulfillment services and a full compliment of transactional data and promotional messaging services and products.

via Dayton Legal Blank – Ballot Printing | Election Products | Creative Design Services | Specialty Printing.

Apparently, with all the money in political campaigns, the voting part of it hasn’t been as profitable. Considering the move to electronic poll books, voting machines, and digital signature capture devices- there isn’t much left to print- except those stupid petitions for the Dayton City Commission- and Xerox killed that market once paperweight stopped being a grounds for disqualification.

Thank you Dayton Legal Blank for employing people in our community for 130 years.

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  1. truddick February 15, 2013 / 7:04 pm
    Oh, so capitalism doesn’t allow a business to fail?  How sad.
  2. Bone February 18, 2013 / 9:24 am
    They had teamed up with Diebold durning the switch over to electronic voting. I would guess it had something to do with that. Steve Harsman will be upset, no more free food and drinks they would supply at the SOS Conferences.
  3. David Esrati February 18, 2013 / 10:20 am

    Apparently Nancy Bowman at the Dayton Daily news hasn’t got the memo- and doesn’t read

    This appeared in today’s DDn-

    Elections board may change ballot vendor

    The Miami County Board of Elections said Thursday it is interested in exploring options for a new ballot vendor following distribution problems during the fall presidential election.

    Board Chairman Roger Luring said the fall experience with vendor Dayton Legal Blank was “very difficult.”

    In the weeks leading to the election, some 200 voters received two ballot mailings while the board learned the day before the election that 177 absentee ballot requests had not been processed.

    Election Director Drew Higgins said he was comparing costs of contracting the work with buying a machine for the elections office to produce and handle ballots itself. Board member Robert Huffman Jr. said the in-house process might be an option, but could not realistically be done in time for the May primary.

    The board also tabled a vote on paying a Dayton Legal Blank bill for more than $14,000 pending further discussion.


    via Miami.

    Since Dayton Legal Blank is no more, they will have to get a new vendor. And- not paying the bill- well, that also hurts other businesses who Dayton Legal Blank subcontracted to. Politicians- still not getting how business works without payola.

  4. bryan suddith February 18, 2013 / 10:30 am
    Dave and the crew at DLB were top notch guys. They also did a lot of printing for the automotive repair industry and were one of Dayton’s last book archivist and repair shops. Binding and repairing antique and well used heirloom books is a lost art. Looks like we just lost another artist.
  5. Bone February 18, 2013 / 5:36 pm
    Dave a artist! Now that’s funny! I’ve heard Dave called many things but never that! DLB missed Bob and its the sign of the times. Ask some the DLB employee’s how they feel about Dave.
  6. sunflower February 26, 2013 / 7:30 am
    Sorry, when Bob Keeler turned co. over to son it was the beginning of the end. What comes around goes around
  7. David Esrati February 26, 2013 / 11:30 pm

    More info on Dayton Legal Blank- who apparently got some corporate welfare from the Port Authority and still failed:

    Port Authority sues Dayton Legal Blank

    The Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority filed a lawsuit against Dayton Legal Blank Inc. late last week in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

    In August, the Port Authority’s board of trustees approved a resolution authorizing Brad Evers, the port authority’s general counsel, to take legal action against Day-ton Legal Blank for defaulting on a loan. In May 2006, the port authority issued $2,095,000 of development revenue bonds to finance new equipment for the business.

    The suit asks for judgment of nearly $1.2 million, plus whatever interest, attorney fees and costs. The suit alleges that Dayton Legal Blank has failed to pay financing payments.

    Dayton Legal Blank, 875 Congress Park Drive, is a printing and design firm specializing in elections materials that traces its history to the late 19th century. Dave Keeler, Dayton Legal Blank owner, said Monday he was “disappointed” in the suit but he understands that the port authority “has an obligation to do what they have to do.” He said his company has ceased manufacturing and is in the process of selling its assets. THOMAS GNAU

    via IN BRIEF.

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