Dayton election results- time for the Montgomery County Democratic Party to change its game

Every two years we vote for the House of Representatives. Yet, both in the races for seats in Washington and Columbus, the Dems are getting a royal whuppin.

Sure, you can blame redistricting- and realize that gerrymandering has a lot to do with it- but, considering the area went 5% + for Obama, there should have been some races closer than 15 points.

Mike Turner, with his electioneering at the polls, his wife’s no-bid contracts and his solid GOP voting record beat 2nd time challenger Jane Mitakides by 20 points.

Other than the solidly Dem 39th and 40th districts- the GOP pasted the Dems by at least 20 points there as well.

In the State Supreme Court race- the Dems both got beat by, hold on- 22 points+. Something is very wrong with the way we select candidates, work our base and inform our voters.

Look at the results:

Election Results: Montgomery County

For races with districts that cross county lines, this list includes only results from this county.

DaytonDailyNews: Dayton, Ohio, news and information.

The current party machinery may be OK with winning the Montgomery County offices and a few house seats, but if you can’t find, groom and promote viable candidates for every office, your brand- Democrat, takes a big hit.

Not only did candidates who should have been tarnished like Turner and Husted (who doesn’t live in his district) win- they polished their positions with 20-point triumphs. At least, we’re not alone in that respect, convicted felon, Ted Stevens of Alaska won his Senate race too- but, remember this is from the back ass-ward state that gave us Sarah “you betcha” Palin.

If Dayton wants to be taken seriously as a place for companies to relocate or grow their business, if Dayton wants to stop the out migration of jobs and people, we have to find and elect some better leaders.

If there is one thing to be said for this years presidential contest, it was that the candidates were challenged at every step of the way. There was nothing left un-checked, un-questioned or un-discussed- yet, with our local choices there was almost no debate, no discussion or even proper forums.

Turner and Mitakides didn’t even have a debate.

This can’t be the way we move forward in Dayton.

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