Dayton Daily thinks Touchdown Jesus burning is big news

Eleven stories, two editorials on the lightning strike on Touchdown Jesus in the Dayton Daily News- or should I say the “Touchdown Jesus News”

Here is the complete listing of stories about the lightning strike on Touchdown Jesus:

  1. Sculptor: Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it
  2. Jesus statue fire damages estimated at $700,000
  3. Some say there is meaning behind destruction of giant Jesus statue
  4. Meltdown of statue elicits worldwide awe, response
  5. ‘Big Butter’ song adds death verse after fire
  6. Rebuilt Jesus statue will be fireproof, pastor says
  7. Should Solid Rock rebuild its giant and costly statue?
  8. News of fire at church spread quickly through social media
  9. Comedian updates song after demise of ‘Big Butter Jesus’
  10. Drivers stopping to see statue remains cited
  11. Some ‘mourn’ loss of Jesus statue

and the two editorials:

  1. Editorial: In life and in flames, it grabbed eyes
  2. Put a headline on “Touchdown Jesus”

The last link, actually asks for headlines, and some are quite funny.

However, this is more coverage than the BP Oil Spill and probably equal to the coverage on the first day of 9/11.

Look to see a special supplement with a “poster” of the before and after, with the ad department calling it a collectible.

The Desperate Daily News has reached a new low. However, I’m sure that this is nothing compared to the public burning they will give me at the candidates interview on Monday, June 28 when I meet with their editorial board (the one that has to ask their readers for help with headlines).

And for the record, God apparently does have a sense of humor, or takes the part about making no graven images even more seriously than we thought.

Of course then again- everyone’s a critic.

[addition for reader Drexel Dave]

Touchdown Jesus speaks

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