Dayton City Commission meetings: public not that welcome

A bunch of people from South Park went down to the commission meeting tonight- and a few of us got there after their 6pm start time.

It didn’t use to be a problem, as long as you filled out a speaker’s form, you could take it up and have a chance to be heard. Not any more.

If you are just a minute tardy, you don’t get to speak. You hear something at the meeting that you want to talk about- come back next week. You look over the agenda- and see nothing mentioned about Ernies Tavern on Wayne Avenue- but are surprised about their informal resolution- too bad. Our current City Commission doesn’t really care.

I spoke to the Mayor about this after the meeting- she didn’t do much more than listen, and then suggested I talk to the clerk, Len Roberts. My response: he works for you, you work for me- so I’m coming to you.

Ohio has “Sunshine laws” or “Open meeting” laws for a reason. Apparently, our current commission thinks we aren’t worth hearing unless we meet their time schedule. Quite frankly, I’m disgusted.

The worst part: the Commission had plenty of time to banter about what they did over the last week, and have Commissioner Whaley cracking wise every couple of minutes, but they didn’t care to hear at least three other citizens who had wanted to speak.

What do you think?

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