Dayton, Alternative routes to key locations during funeral procession of Det Jorge Del Rio

If you have to get to Miami Valley Hospital from 2-5pm today, November 12, 2019 your best bet is a helicopter or an ambulance due to the funeral route that encircles downtown Dayton in a cordon that splits downtown and cuts off the Hospital and South Park from the rest of the world. Between the river, bridges and funeral procession, routes in and out are tough. Google maps/Waze may or may not help  with alternate routing. The only people crossing the path will be ambulances.

My father was a taxi-driver in college, and he always took a different route to go places so he could learn a city inside and out. That brushed off on me.

So here’s your guide.

The best access to the core- is unfortunately in the middle of construction- at the Oregon District Exit from 35 W- which won’t make it easy to go South. This will be a clusterduck- travel it at your own risk. Washington Street as well as the exit lane to turn south onto Warren is blocked off.

If coming from Wright State, Wright Patt, Beavercreek- you take either 4 or 35 to 75 S. and continue South past the Edwin C. Moses blvd exit to the next exit Southbound- Exit 50B, which dumps you off to Springboro pike. Turn Right or North- and find your way to Arbor Blvd run right again- which will dead end into Carillon Blvd. Turn right- and head past Carillon Park to South Patterson Blvd. Here you can get to the old NCR HQ- now Dan Curran Place, or head up to MVH, etc.
The Funeral procession will be coming down Wyoming and turning on Brown street- so you can’t get to main UD campus this way- more on that to follow.

Or you can take Exit 50 B and go left and get back on 75 N to use the instructions below.

If coming to Miami Valley Hospital- your best bet is follow Patterson up to Apple Street- and cut over there- turn Right on Main to get to the ER- or park in the Apple Street garage, or continue to Warren- turn right to get to the Magnolia street entrance.

If you need to go to the parts of Downtown South of the procession- including Community Blood Center, or the Oregon District- keep heading up Patterson.

For the northern half of Downtown, I’m guessing the Federal Building and courts will be pretty much shut down- but to get to them- 75 N to the 2nd Street exit. There are a bunch of options for this part of the city that are not cut off.

If coming from the South– you can take the route above- or you can head North on 75 to 35 W and take the first  or 2nd Exits on 35 E- either to the Perry St./Ludlow Street exits- or the Oregon District exit. The Wayne Avenue exit will be blocked. My guess is backed up traffic will make this a disaster. The Oregon District exit has been cut off by construction making it almost impossible to go South without a ridiculous hairpin turn at Patterson for months. This exit will be a mess.

Non-75 from the South: is also hampered by the bridge construction on S. Dixie at Schantz. There is a detour that will take northbound traffic through the neighborhood to Schantz which you can then take to N. Main and go North (left) only.

If you need to get to UD main campus you’re kind of screwed- either entering from Stewart Street off of the top of Wayne at Wilmington pike or take Irving down- but realize – you can’t hit Brown street at all.

If you are stuck within the enclave- and need to get to Dayton Childrens Hospital- again- ambulance. Or, you can get on 35 W at Warren street and take it to 75 and then 75N to Route 4 N- and get off at the standard exits.

You can also get on 75S by backtracking the Carrilon blvd route above. Or- taking Patterson Blvd N to Washington Street and entering 35 W at CJ- S. Ludlow Street, you’ll also be able to get to 35 at Warren Street- both directions.

Any other suggestions? Leave in comments.

Here’s the Route for Detective Del Rio’s motorcade on Tuesday from 2 until 5ish.

Only law enforcement vehicles are permitted in the motorcade which is expected to start around 2 p.m. Tuesday. Here is the route for the motorcade for people to view:

• From University of Dayton Arena, northbound on S. Edwin C Moses to W. Third Street

• Eastbound on W. Third Street to Webster Street

• Northbound on Webster Street to E. Monument Street

• Eastbound on E. Monument Street to N. Keowee Street

• Southbound on N. Keowee Street to E. Fifth Street

• Westbound on E. Fifth Street to Wayne Avenue

• Southbound on Wayne Avenue to Wyoming Street

• Westbound on Wyoming Street to Brown Street

• Southbound on Brown Street/Oakwood Avenue to Far Hills Avenue (Route 48)

• Southbound onto Far Hills Avenue (Route 48)

• Far Hills Avenue (Route 48) to Rahn Road where the procession will conclude



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