David Esrati for Congress 2012 – OH-10

This is my site. If you want to learn everything about me, my positions, see my videos, you are going to need to look at more than just this post. I’ve been posting almost daily since 2005. There are over 1,900 posts and over 18,000 comments.

For this election, I’ve done my best to keep the voters informed of every candidates’ night, every piece of literature, every news article.

I’ve created over 60 videos and posted them on a YouTube channel: electesrati

When I first started this campaign I wrote a post: Why Should You Vote For David Esrati for Congress in OH-10

You can find the full Dayton Daily News article and the voters’ guides on my site.

No other candidate has as much information or has shown the commitment to keeping you informed as I have.

I hope you look at the other 5 candidates, and then ask yourself, who is more likely to represent me in Congress? Who will do the best job telling me what’s going on in Congress once he’s there? And who won’t take money from PACs, Special Interest Groups or lobbyists. I’m planning on running a true grassroots campaign against Mike Turner, not spending more than $100,000 to wage the ultimate political guerrilla campaign. I will work extremely hard and smart in the next six-months to remind people what a “representative” does. We’ve not seen either Edward Breen or Mike Turner at a single candidate night so far. That should tell you something.

Thank you for coming to my site. No matter what happens on Tuesday, March 6, in the primary, I’ll still be publishing and updating this site, because I’m committed to improving Dayton and our region.

Thank you.

I’m in a 6 way primary with Olivia Freeman, Ryan Steele, Tom McMasters, Sharen Neuhardt and Mack Van Allen.

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