September 2006

Join my crusade! Smoke Free Theater in Dayton!

I just heard back from Marsha Hanna, Artistic Director and Smoker in charge, of the Human Race Theater Company- she sees no reason to eliminate the final lighting of a cigarette in “Moonlight and Magnolias.” I say it’s totally unacceptable and glamorizes a filthy habit. I’ve proposed not lighting the cigarette- after all, the actors Read More

Beam yourself to the Loft!

Just got home from seeing “Moonlight and Magnolias” at the Loft- a play, staged by The Human Race Theater Company. It’s on through Oct. 15, 2006. If you miss it, you are making a huge mistake. Funny beyond belief, great acting, and amazing performances. I’m not going to say anything about the story line- but Read More

The “Shuffle Ball”- Rhythm in Shoes this Saturday.

I have to be at a wedding in Columbus this Saturday, Sept. 23rd- but if I wasn’t- I’d be at the Rhythm In Shoes Shuffle Ball. Good times, great dancing, fun and DCDC will be there too. Dayton’s prodigal mime and tap king, Nate Cooper will be there too- so if you don’t know what Read More

Don’t miss Toxic Audio in Springfield Sept. 30

I saw them earlier this year at The Human Race Theater Company (I refuse to spell it “Theatre”) and they were amazing. I send a glowing e-mail to all my friends and those who went- agreed. Amazing. Here is a link to the site and more info: Toxic Audio Exploring The Boundaries of the Human Read More

Terrified of terrorists?

To our fear driven President: Drunk drivers kill more Americans than terrorists. Poor health care kills more Americans than terrorists. Cigarettes kill more Americans than terrorists. Terrorists killed 3000 innocent Americans- you have killed well over 10x that many innocent Iraqis, and are approaching killing 3000 servicemen and women in your campaign of fear mongering. Read More

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