March 2006

World’s Fastest Indian

I just went to see “World’s fastest Indian” with Anthony Hopkins, and highly recommend it. Besides triumph of the human spirit- it also reminds us that bureaucrats don’t make this world a better place. Hopkins quotes Teddy Roosevelt in the movie- the same quote that was given to me by one of my mentors in Read More

“Aviation Theme Park” another fiasco in the making

Today’s Dayton Daily News had two related articles on the front-page today- “Theme Park on Aviation Centerpiece of Area Plan” and “Fountain Blasts into Courtroom.” Both should go in the feeble ideas category. If there is one thing that “inventing flight” should have proved back in 2003- it’s that marveling about the Wright brothers is Read More

Dunbar makes it to national TV series

No, not our Dunbar High School- but a Lexington KY high school- named after Dayton’s own poet- Paul Laurence Dunbar– in the Lifetime TV show “Cheerleader Nation.” Wonder if the TV show people know Dayton Dunbar just won State? Oh yeah- would someone tell them- we wear blue and white.

Basketball Dreams?

Trotwood and Dunbar Boys Basketball going to the State finals- starts me thinking, again… In Dayton we take basketball seriously. Well, almost seriously. Blasphemy you say? Hear me out on this. We’re as provincial with our basketball training programs as we are with our “economic development” competition between municipalities. We don’t have a city wide, Read More

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