Corr goes vindictive

Why would one of the most senior principals in the district not be in her school?

Is it because Superintendent Rhonda Corr read a mention in this blog and looked for someone to pay for not abiding by her “loyalty oath” unwritten policy?

A principal with enough seniority to retire twice- (almost)- says, “If she stays, or Roberson is made superintendent, I’m out. Bring back Lawrence, Brathwaite and I’ll stay”

Source: In the lifeboats as the DPS ship sinks – Esrati

Shirlette “Peggy” Burks isn’t in her building- Charity Earley Girls Preparatory Academy opened up with Stacy Williams, an experienced assistant principal at the helm. Now, a month after school started, the district wants to swap her with Louise Troy Principal Karla Goins (sister of Thurgood Marshall Principal Sharon Goins).

Why this disruption a month after school starts? Staff at Charity Earley are not happy.

Burks isn’t talking, but her facebook profile says “worked at Dayton Public Schools” instead of “works at.”

With the loss of Horace Lovelace, the other single sex school principal, is this an attempt to shutter the single sex school programs?

With staff turnover at over 20% annually, it’s hard enough to keep competent people.

Apparently, this is how half a century of service is rewarded under Rhonda “Chaos” Corr.


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